Thursday, September 11, 2008

another day, some more bad news

I know I've complained a lot lately about how the new "boyfriend" has been out of town a lot on business. I know you are all sick of hearing it. Well, at least this time he's not on business while he's out of town. Poor guy! He finally got home (Irving) about noonish on Monday. Yay! He came over, we had dinner, and we watched Monday night football. (Dude, the Packers were playing!) Then we futzed around on my computer before he left. Tuesday night we met the mmvgang to see Death Race. OMG, one of the worst movies I've ever seen, but it was still soooooooooo much fun! Great car chases, bad dialogue, Joan Allen saying things a lady would never be caught dead saying, beautiful Jason Statham's chiseled body.... But I digress. Unfortunately I had to go straight home after the movie to take care of some school work, so I left him fairly early. We didn't get a chance to talk Wednesday night, but I called and left a message anyway. So let me tell you why we didn't get to talk: his house was broken into and ransacked. Keep in mind, he is a recent addition to North Texas; he still has a house out of state that he's been trying to get ready to sell. Well, I guess some people figured it out and took advantage. His neighbors had been keeping tabs on everything really well. When one of them went to take his mail inside, he noticed the door had been kicked in and the place ravaged. When he told me this on the phone today (as he was waiting for his flight), the sound of dejection in his voice just about broke my heart. So, everyone say a little prayer for my guy. I hope it's not as bad as his neighbor made it sound. I hope there are some things that are salvageable. I really hope the cops find whoever did this soon and ream the snot out of them. I just want everything to be back to normal for him. He's had a bad 5 weeks. =(

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Big Poppa Wil said...

Awe man, that really sucks. I hope things get better for him.