Sunday, September 21, 2008

random weekend

Game night came off without a hitch once people arrived. It's funny, but just about everyone showed up at the same time. I'm just glad that the kitteh-allergic people didn't have problems. I vacuumed like a fiend! What was really funny was that at like 9:30pm, a couple of us started yawning and complaining about being tired. How lame are we??? I was kinda excited so I could get some sleep before the drive to McGregor Saturday morning. Not to happen! At 10pm, people started talking about leaving--ya, then we started talking, and that kept going on until almost midnight. Then I had to clean as much as I could with the injury. Oh ya!!! FYI--if you drop your favorite 8 inch chef's knife, don't try to catch it. =) I got lucky with that one. Only a small slice on my right middle finger. After being bandaged for 2 days, it's looking good. I hope a good time was had by all. Personally, I really enjoyed the Adult Mammoth Mad-Libs. I can always count on the H-bomb to keep it scandalous.

Saturday morning came very early. The alarm got me up at 8am so I could make it to my swim class by 9am. Dang, I might as well have stayed home because the brain/muscle connections were totally non-functional. I was so tired I kept forgetting to breathe. How does that happen?!? I'd turn my head, exhale, and put my face back in the water without getting a new breath. D'oh! After about 45 minutes of braindeadness, the coach finally decided we should do something different--back to dolphin kick. Thank goodness! That requires no thought.

After the class, I came home and finished cleaning up from the night before, threw some stuff in an overnight bag, and left for the burgeoning metropolis of McGregor, Texas. Surprisingly, I made it through crummy traffic in only 2.5 hours. The god daughter was soooooooo excited to see me; her mother hadn't told her I was coming. She's so freaking cute. Love that kid. After her birthday party, everyone involved took a short nap while she went to dinner with her father (the first time he's made an effort to be a dad since the split). Then KF and I went to the Founder's Day street dance thing downtown (if you can call that a downtown!). It was interesting to say the least, but we both pooped out by 10pm. As we headed back to the house, we noticed that the clouds had abated and the stars were out in full force since the moon was still below the horizon. When we got back home, we changed into comfy clothes and went outside to stargaze. It was amazing! It has been so long since I could actually see the Milky Way, but there it was. There were so many stars, I couldn't even decipher any constellations. Now for the funny part: while we were out gazing, someone came behind us and locked the deadbolt to the house. No matter how much knocking we did, no one heard us. Luckily, KF's brother lives across the street. We walked over and waited for him and his buddy to come back from coyote hunting (we could see the headlights coming through the field). Ya, did I mention this was all out in the middle of freaking nowhere? Across the street is still quite a hike. Well, KF was wearing all black, so I think he was quite surprised when she apparated out of nowhere in his headlights! He told us to get in the back of the pickup truck (which was outfitted with this homemade coyote hunting stand with chairs and all up over the truck) so he could drive us back to the house. It was so countrified, I couldn't quit laughing.

So that is my weekend in a nutshell. I got up at 6:15 this morning so I could be back in town to sing at 10am. The rest of the day has been a complete wash. I'm wiped out!

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