Monday, September 01, 2008

ah, a weekend

Labor Day weekend. It's been nice not laboring much. I do, however, have a couple amusing anecdotes with which to entertain you.

Yesterday morning, I was running late for church because I slept late. Big shocker there. Anywho, we were supposed to be taking some pictures for the Rally Day choir table next week. I stuck my camera in my purse and started to head out the door. Then it occurred to me, I should put my contacts in my eyes. I was so tired that I was feeling extra vain for the "photo shoot." I get the right contact outta its case, stick it in my right palm, add some solution out of the bottle, and proceed to clean my contact. Well, as I'm rinsing the thing off, I notice the edges are all crenated (wrinkly). I thought it was because my hand was still too wet with water when I started the cleaning process. So, I added more solution. Are you seeing where this is going? Ya, it was not contact solution. I had used an old bottle to make a somewhat dilute solution of tea tree oil (to keep around as a natural antiseptic). Yes friends, I cleaned my contact with tea tree oil and put it in my eye. That smarted just a little bit. Luckily I guess my eye sensed the wrongness of it all and closed before I got it totally in my eye. Wow, I knew I was tired, but really? I then proceeded to rinse the contact with the real contact solution and insert it into the aforementioned right eye. Whoa nelly! That was the most painful (and stupid) thing I've done in a really long time! Either I didn't get it rinsed off well, or the original tea tree oil was still in my eye. It was difficult to get the contact out, and when I finally did do it, (after much tearing and wiping of tears without messing up the vanity inspired make up) I wore my glasses for the rest of the day.

Then last night, I was on because I had a discount code and was trying to get some Christmas shopping done. OMG!!! Their new website sucks ass! It kept kicking me out, not loading pages, or saying "we're sorry, this page is unavailable right now." Ugh! So I got back on today and had a little better luck until it came to entering the code. The code worked yesterday, the site just wouldn't let me check out. Today, it wouldn't accept my code. Yarrgh!!! WTF??? Both days, I've tried to contact the customer service line, but "the customer service center is closed." Really? I'm soooooooooo irritated. I'll try calling again tomorrow, and if they don't accept my discount code, I'm gonna kick some ass. I deserve this code, and if I can't use it, some people may not be getting what they deserve for Christmas. I love my family and friends, and I'd like to get them something nicer than I can actually afford. This was going to allow me to do that. Stupid Borders!

As an addendum: the site now has a "gateway timeout." What in the world is that??? I'm gonna keep trying!

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