Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Oh, the things I'll do for protein. I was not really hungry tonight, but I knew I needed to eat something. I also knew I needed to make up some protein because I've lagged behind my quota the past couple of days. Well, hmmmmm.... I looked in the fridge and nothing looked good. On to the, no, ooh! Lean Cuisine mac and cheese. Even better, it had 15 grams of protein listed on the label. Wow, was that not a good choice. Granted, I wasn't hungry to begin with. I ate about a third of it and was sooooo done. However, that would only be 5 grams of protein. That was not enough. Surely all the protein was in the cheese sauce and not in the macaroni, right? So what did I do, you ask? Ya, I put the noodles in my mouth, sucked off the cheese sauce, and spit the noodles back on the plate. Gross, huh? Even doing that, I couldn't make it through the whole thing. Ugh. I'm hoping I got 10 grams of my protein, but I doubt it. Serious ugh. *shakes head and laughs at self for being a nutritional doofus*

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