Tuesday, June 24, 2008

emotional overload

Sometimes it is all just too much. Between one friend going through a terrible divorce, one friend with a sudden medical issue, one friend going through unemployment, another with a whack personal problem, one who got bad family news yesterday, and yet another with a screw loose (well, that could actually be a couple) on top of me being ridiculously overworked, I took the night off. I didn't even have the energy to go to yoga. Oh ya, and I had to cancel the one thing I was really looking forward to this summer because I realised I can't justify spending the money on it when I have other bills to pay. I was home by 6pm, in my pjs by 7pm, and I vegged all night. Then I made the mistake of watching a romantic comedy. Whoa, big mistake. By the way, I'm also waaaay hormonal right now. All I wanna do is crawl in bed for a couple days and let all this pass. I wish I didn't care so much about everyone in my life, and I know there is nothing I can do for them other than think happy thoughts and pray. However, sometimes it really does just all get to me. One of these days, I'll be able to make time for myself. Unfortunately, I'll have to get out from under the black cloud of debt first. My church check even hasn't come through yet (it was due to hit the bank on the 20th). Every time I think I'm getting close, something else happens. Ya, I got the hospital bill from my unexpected hospital visit. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I have insurance, but I'd be a helluva lot happier if I didn't eat those damn sausages. =) Not to worry about me, I just needed to have a little rant time. I'm just having a little pms induced pity party!

Now it's 9:30. I think I'll go read myself to sleep. Nothing better than a little scientific non-fiction before bed!

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