Monday, April 21, 2008

You all know that I tend to overreact at times. Hell, I'm a woman! That's what I do! :) Anyway, the HSBF actually was sick yesterday morning. We ended up doing movie, dinner, and the Stars game (watching on tv, not going). We also had a really great talk. Again! Go fig. Simply put, there is no way he and I will work as a couple again. Mainly because of the, oh, about, 2000 miles of distance between us. I feel good about it. That and with all the health stuff I've got going on in the next month or so, I really don't need to be starting something new. However, we both admitted how wonderful it was to spend the day together. Kinda like falling back into your bed from childhood--all snug and warm and comfortable. Oh well. Such is life. Full of temptations and conundrums. Funny that my horror-scope today was the following: "Your romantic life may not be too exciting now, but you have worked long and hard to create the current stability in your life. Instead of trying to turn things upside down again, chill out enough to enjoy the pleasures available to you. Letting your true feelings out of the bag can stir up more than intended, so it may be wise to be patient for a while longer. " Hahahahahaha! What an understatement!

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