Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Well, it's the end of hump day, and I thought I share some of my random thoughts.

You know you've had too much coffee to drink when you can smell coffee when you pee.
You know you live in Texas when you use the a/c on Monday and the heater on Wednesday of the same week.
I've come to really enjoy chatting online. I can be doing other things around the house, walk past and type something, then keep doing what I'm doing. (yes, I'm new to the 21st century, leave me alone)
I think my clothes have multiplied. I've been trying to go through and "sort" (keep, donate, trash), but the pile never ends. Ergo, the clothes must be self replicating.
As much as I trash Walmart for its icky stores by me and bad employee relations, I love the fact that I can go there on my lunch break and buy a $3 Starter sweatshirt (necessity this week due to the ever-changing TX weather and lack of news watching).
It is good for the soul to get away from work at least once every two weeks for a relaxing lunch (away from the hell with fluorescent lighting).
Why is it when you clean a spot on the carpet you realize what color your carpet should be? Think I'll be calling the professional carpet cleaners soon....

Well, that should be enough to keep you kiddos entertained for a while!

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