Sunday, April 06, 2008

the glorious Hill Country

Ah, Fredericksburg, how I love thee!

I don't think I realized exactly how desperately I needed to get away--if even for a long weekend. The past couple of days have been a great respite for my soul. I got to spend time with a dear friend (who actually needed me more than I needed her for once) and the most beautiful little red-headed girl this side of, um, well anywhere! Yesterday the kiddo had a dance recital in Kyle, so most of the day was spent going to and from there. Last night, KB and I hit the town and sat under the sparkling stars while listening to local guitarists play in a bar. Stars, music, Shiner Black, and good conversation. It was a night to remember! I even got hit on by some super cute little young thing (good for my waning ego!). This morning, we actually got up fairly early (considering how late we were out last night), did the breakfast thing, sat on the patio, then hit the road for Lukenbach. What a place! I'd forgotten how ridiculously small it is! For awhile we wandered by a creek and watched the fishlets swim under the huge live oaks filled with Spanish moss. The really funny thing about this side trip was that I got hit on again by some other random cutie. Go fig! KB keeps trying to get me to move down here, so maybe she just planted these guys.... Nah! After that, we came back to town, did the lunch thing, then took the kiddo to some friend's Bday party at the market platz. It would've been a great day had the fire siren not gone off 30 minutes into the party. Keep in mind, this is a tiny town so the fire department is all volunteer. Somewhere there was a fire, so they had to call in the guys--with the loudest siren I've ever heard. Now, after a night of dinner and Scrabble (which is not the best game for a 7 year old to join in), I'm off to bed. I dread having to drive home the 5 hours tomorrow, but there is only so long the boys can take care of themselves.

My soul has been refreshed.

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