Friday, April 18, 2008

long time, no post

Sorry kiddos. I've been so wrapped up in my little world that I seem to have forgotten about the land of blogdom. Anyway, this is what's going on with me lately....

Monday started off with a phone call from the father proffering tickets for the Tuesday night Stars game. Man, he didn't even have to finish the question before I accepted. Then he told me to bring two friends. I barely mentioned it at the lab before my two buds up there absolutely jumped at the chance to go. Whoot! We had a blast and sat so close we could see the studly men sweating. *swoon* Unfortunately, they lost. Damn. Then to make it all worse, afterward when I got home Wange called freaking out because someone had hit her baby car in the garage. Didn't leave a note or anything. Bastard! Of course, I felt guilty even though it was not my fault. Oh well. Thank goodness for insurance.

Speaking of insurance, I had to go for my stress echo today. I swear to Buddha, I haven't had my left breast touched that much in...well, a really long time! All that ultrasounding took forever, but at least the guy doing it was hot. I guess it should have been disconcerting, but hey, it's his job. I'm just glad my breasts are still somewhat young and perky! I can only imagine some of what he has to deal with. I think what made it extra interesting was the talk of dating the whole time this was going on. Go fig! I actually considered asking him what he was doing after work! He was funny.

Then on the way home, another uber random thing happened. We all know that the logo for Dodge is the stylized ram's head, and we all know what it has been likened to look like. So, I'm leaving the hospital and I get behind this truck. It's got the logo on the back, but it is all painted over patriotic-like with an American flag. Let me tell you, a shiny red ram's head looks amazingly like a vagina. I was so disgusted! I had to call Wange to tell her about it (she's a total car person). Man, did we laugh like crazy women!

So there. Those are the high points of my week. Enjoy!


Andrew said...

Wait... Whaaaa? I thought i had heard it all. I can't see the logo in my head.... I gotta find a Chevy . Man! How come I never heard of this before? Morning commute should be so interesting on Monday!

Anonymous said...

Never thought about the ram's head, but you are SO right!
S. will be off work next Sunday, and we are hoping to go to the Turner exhibit at the DMA. Interested?
Would love to see you. Will try to call soon.