Sunday, April 20, 2008


Well, friends. it is Sunday. This is the day I'm supposed to be seeing the HSBF again for brunch and whatever followed. We'd talked about a museum or the Nasher or the aquarium. It is now 15 minutes past the time he'd agreed to pick me up. When I got home from church, I had a message (a text actually) that he was feeling not up to snuff so could we put brunch off a bit. MY first thought was "well, then it might as well be dinner at this point." I responded politely for him to let me know what he wanted to do. I have heard nothing from him yet. This is, unfortunately, probably a good thing. This way, I've already had my hopes dashed a little bit, and I really have no more expectations. In fact, I'm quite bit pissed. I could've stayed out later last night! =)

Anyway, thanks to those who were thinking happy thoughts for me today. I think I know where I stand.

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