Thursday, January 10, 2008

search for the holy grail (of recipes)

So, my favorite chef called me tonight to ask my assistance. She wanted my dolma recipe. Well, it's not mine per se. So while we are on the phone and she is filling me in on the saga of her father's run in with a brown recluse (pray that all goes well and he is released from the hospital soon!), I start rummaging through all my random recipes. It's not in the "collection" of stuff I've got in my personal cookbook. Then I start looking through all the loose leaf pages stuffed in between cookbooks on the shelf. Then I look between pages of the most commonly used cookbooks. Nothing. Arrgh!!! How can I have lost the holy grail of dolmades recipes?!?!? Next it's time to call Mother. I got the recipe from one of her books. That was insane! Here is how it went:

It's in a green book, not pea green or grass green, but something in between. It doesn't have a dust cover on it. I think the lettering on the binding is gold. Look in the index. It has a recipe for dolmades? Does the book open right up to it? *she reads ingredients aloud* I think that's it! Houston, there is no problem!!!

So, there you go. That's my uber exciting Thursday night. If anyone needs the recipe, it will officially be in possession tomorrow.

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Heather said...

Well, at least you didn't have to pain your way through the smallest printed version of Daphnes and Chloe! Yargh. Though Randy did tell us that if we've never heard it all the way through, we should put it on and lie down in a dark room...he said the music is so good-you can taste the sound. I'll leave that up to your interpretation