Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Night Fun!

What do you do for fun on a Monday night? After I got home from my growth group meeting, I was kicking back with my fave Law and Order on TNT and brewing a pot of tea. All of a sudden I heard this *CRASH!* from the kitchen. WTP? Both of the cats are in the TV room with me. So I go into the kitchen and saw that my paperwhite had tried to commit suicide again. This poor plant has gotten waaaaay too big for the bitty pot it came with, and it jumped (for the 3rd time now) off of the window sill. Fine! I'll replant you outside. I've been trying to wait for it to get warmer, but I don't think P. Whitey wants to wait. Poor guy's gotten two feet tall while in the kitchen window. I only hope it can survive the crap ass move it got tonight. Keep in mind, I can't find my spade, it's too late to borrow Mother's, it's dark, and all I can find is a stick. Here's the result:

Note the stick helping to hold up the poor weak leaves. I hope that maybe I can get him a little deeper into the soil tomorrow when there is light. Poor P. Whitey! I wonder if he'll ever bloom?

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Anonymous said...

You's just never a good sign when your plant is attempting suicide. I had a fish once that was suicidal...he eventually succeeded. Oh, and off topic..HOORAY for links. I'm proud of ya!