Sunday, January 27, 2008

the pains of battle

So really it is more like the pains of cleaning. At some point yesterday I tweaked something in my back. It was sore when I went to sleep, but at 3:38am my back was screaming at me. WAKE UP WAKE UP!!! FIX ME!!! Does this mean I'm getting old? Since it was/is muscular, I say no to the old. I'm thinking it's just me being my usual graceful self. Nevertheless, I took 2 Aleve and slept the rest of the night on my heating pad--no worries, it turns itself off after a certain allotted time so I don't burn myself too badly. Stupid back.

Then there are the pains of relationships. Why, oh why, do I over analyze every blasted little thing? The poor XY works 6 days a week and is taking a class 2 days a week. God forbid that he ever be too tired to see me. Seeing him was supposed to be the one good thing about me not getting to leave town this weekend! Arrgh! Once again I have to thank the Hbomb for shrinking my head earlier tonight and telling me what I already knew: I'm over analyzing again. Gah! I guess it has something to do with the fact that I've become cabin fever girl being stuck in the house for the past week recuperating. I need to see people now that I'm (basically) well. I miss people (especially him). Oh well, I'll be back at work soon enough. That'll cure me!

So in closing, happy beginning of the week to you all. And ouch. Maybe I should use an ice pack now. =)

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Anonymous said...

Umm...hooray clean house at least eh? Not to worry...I'm sure you'll see the Y chromosome soon enough. In closing, Biaxin SUCKS