Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stanley--my true love

Yes, I've named my ipod. I love my ipod. Where else can I easily switch from Radiohead to Ella Fitzgerald to Portishead to Sarah Harmer? Hmmm, why do two of those groups have "head" in their name? Odd. Anyway, good sleep last night follwed by a freaking huge peppermint mocha and good music at work has placed the naughty mouse in a much better mood today. Even the disturbing dreams of last night are but a faint memory. Even the Mayboy is better today. When he's persnickety, everyone suffers. Maybe Wednesday was just a bad day astrologically. Ya, like I believe that hooey. :-)

Six more days!!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Ya, I said that. Fark on today. And this week. Arrgh!!!

Okay, that being said...I feel better now. Something about this week is just sucking arse. The insomniac girl in me has returned. Little sleep makes me cranky. Adding little sleep to the already present crankiness is not a good thing. Add that to feeling blah, seeing a good (yet somewhat depressing) movie, and reading a supposed humorous book about why it's better to admit that you are a loser than a winner...whoa. Not good for the soul.

Oh, I can't wait for next week. In 7 days and 6 hours, I'll be on a flight to Paris. Good Lord, let it come quickly!!! The wine, the cool rainy weather, the time away from poop, and the time spent with my marvelous mother. Good times are ahead!

Friday, September 21, 2007


Wow. I am super cranky. I can't decide if it's due to work, hormones, or the fact that I'm still taking the pred. I hate that I've been jumping down the May boy's throat for no reason for the past couple of days. Oh well, taper started yesterday to my lowest dosage. Only 2 more weeks of prednisone. Thank goodness!

On a happier note, I made an appointment to get a henna tattoo tomorrow after work. FINALLY!!! Since il doctore told me not to get a real one (to my mother's delectation), I figured this was a good thing. The henna lady also thinks the doctor was smart to tell me such. All the danged healthy people in the world....

I had some seriously farky dreams last night. Lots of anguish, dementia, and tornadoes. At least this time I didn't have to save anyone's life. Those dreams are sure tiring. I blame watching too much Law and Order in the past couple of days.

Well, one of the girls up here at work just told me I can go home for the day. If only she were the boss...! ;-)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

the walking dead

So I finally gave up on trying to get rid of the tension headache/shoulder ache/pain in the neck I'd had since last Saturday. Last night I succumbed to the pain and took a flexeril (yes, they have been prescribed to me for the stupid tmj thing). I took it at 9pm. I was surprised that I didn't pass out halfway through Top Chef. When I did finally get to sleep about 10:30, I slept like a baby. So much so that when my alarm went off at 6:30am this morning, I heard it and didn't care. It's like it just didn't register. My brain was like "oh, that's the alarm, pay it no mind" and kept sleeping. I finally got out of bed at 8:15--I'm supposed to be at work (which is a 30 minute drive on a good traffic day) at 8:30. Needless to say, I was a tad late. All day long, I've been in a comatose-like state of "walking deadness." My brain is functioning only minimally, and I've made some silly mistakes. The best part though, was slamming my face into the eye pieces on the microscope when I kinda nodded off between slides. Ah, good times! I'm looking forward to going back to bed soon.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

just for fun

like we didn't already know this... says I'm a Cool High Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

weekends rule!

I had one of the best weekends in a looooooooong time. And ya know, I really didn't do much of anything.

Friday night was just a lazy night. I don't think I did anything in particular--I don't remember! Saturday rocked my boat because I went over to the Hbomb's and we watched the first 3 discs of Heroes season 1. A mini-marathon if you will. She is hooked! While there, I ate a ton of cheese, and we finished the night with yummy cow from Outback.

Sunday, I slept in, hit the gym (after all that cheese, I needed it!), and went to lunch and shopping with Mother. Amazingly, the shoes I had in my mind's eye were actually real and in the store ready to be purchased by me! Soooo, I have a new pair of Clark's to wear around Paris in a couple of weeks (much to my mother's chagrin). Then we stopped in Teavana--bad naughty mouse!!! Like I really needed that new teapot and book and tea mugs. Okay, the teapot was kinda in order, but the rest was superfluous. What's really funny about it all was that in my 2 stops, I spent as much as Mother did in one stop buying 2 new blouses. I think that shows that I am a much better shopper than my mother. ;-)

But best of all about Sunday was the Musegasm of the night. MUSE was playing out at the Nokia Theater in Grand Prairie (really, what is "grand" about it?).! It was a super stupendous sensory overload of lights and sounds and smokey machine goodness! Yes, they still totally rock my world all over the place. Best of all, they played my fave song (Butterflies and Hurricanes) with the killer classical piano interlude in the middle. Sooooo wonderful!!! And I have learned that the best seat possible are on the Southwest Flight Deck. One row on the front of the mezzanine/balcony. No one in front, no one behind. Sometimes I think I'm too old to scream my head off like that, but it was AWESOME!!!!!

Monday was still weekend for me, but it was uber boring. Since I didn't get to sleep until about 2am, I slept late. Met the Hbomb and Mother for lunch, took the Hbomb to Luke's Locker for shoes, then hit the CD stores to sell some stuff back. I got a whopping $11.50. Ya, that's gonna pay a lot of hospital bills. Then I futzed around the rest of the day putting more CDs on my computer and then ipod. I tried to go to sleep at 10:30pm. I was still wide awake at 1:30am. Insomniac Girl rides again!!!

Now I'm tired, and you are caught up on the intricacies of my life. Aren't you thrilled.

Friday, September 14, 2007

miracles abound!

WTF??? I'm so bloody excited!

For the 1% of the world that doesn't know, I'm on killer amounts of prednisone for the next three weeks (being weened slowly). That and I went to the Dairyette for dinner last night. Yet when I got on the scale this morning, I noticed that I'VE LOST 10 POUNDS!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!!

I don't think I can begin to describe my happiness. I'm all about the Spark People now! Things are definitely looking up in my world.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

gross nastiness

Okay, Mother. Do not read this one (or at least skip the 1st paragraph).

So I FINALLY got the bloody waxy plug of gunk outta my right ear. It was disgusting, but I can hear well, and my ear doesn't feel all icky anymore. Now I just have to deal with the rest of the healing. My ear canals are sooooooooooo itchy!!!!! All I wanna do is cram q-tips down there and scratch. Yes, I know it's wrong, but it feels so good. Kinda like most good things in the world are somehow wrong. =)

Things are better in the world of the naughty mouse today. And not just the ear. I started off the day by baking cookies and bringing them to work. Let me tell you, everyone up here is happier today! There's not much better than oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to brighten the mood. That and the work load is much less today. I think I may actually make it to the gym tonight before all the classes are finished! And I'm supposed to have dinner with a friend I haven't seen in forever tonight. And there's the Heroes 1/2 marathon on Saturday.

Things are looking up!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I think there's something evil in the air.

Everyone I know seems to be cranky, in a bad mood, or in some sort of foul temper the past few days. The May Boy at work has even been (I dare say) PMSy. I can ALWAYS count on him to be chipper! What's up? Is it the change in weather? School back in session? Shorter days? I feel bad for everyone who's unhappy, and it tends to bring me down with them. Of course, I've been uber cranky since Sunday for no apparent reason. Go fig. Granted I do have one friend who is cranky for a very good reason, and I'm not complaining about her (you know who you are--more power to ya!). Even the Thomas has been extra bitey. Now that's really not a good thing!

So for everyone out there in bloggerland...hakuna matata!

Monday, September 10, 2007

long time, no post

In a nutshell, not much is going on with me, and I'm fine with that!

I've gotten a clean bill of health from the doctors. Now I just have to wait and see when/if this happens again. I have faith in my physicians and God, so I'm not too worried.

I leave in 24 days for gay Paris! I'm so excited I could spit!

KMD tried to eat the flip flops again--I've just left the old one out for him. It's sooooo his now. It's amazing the damage he can do with those little needle teeth.

I still love my new vacuum cleaner. It's sucks hard!!! ;-) It does an amazing job on cat hair. Thank you Consumer Reports for your advice!

Stars season is coming up soon...I can't wait! I am a little miffed that I'm going to miss the opening game (which I have tickets for unless my Stars fairy can switch them out for me), but it's okay since I'll be in the aforementioned gay Paris.

That's it. Sorry I've not got more to report. If you want any details about the "illness," just ask. I'm not going to post about it. It's not a big deal, so I don't want to waste time and space on it.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

kmd strikes again

That damned cat. The KMD (kitten of mass destruction--Corn) ate a pair of flip flops. Not only did he chew on them so as they cannot be worn at all, he picked the new pair of Tevas I got up in Maine. Arrgh!!!

Other than that, things are going well. Health is improving. I'm working a full day today (needed a microscope break right now). I just wonder if my hearing will ever improve to the way it used to be. I'm sick of my ears feeling "full of cotton." At least I'm not waking up with little bloody spots on my pillow anymore. Ewwwwwwwwwwww!

Later gators!