Tuesday, October 30, 2007

pity me

Okay kids, I'm an idiot. For those of you who may have already been of this opinion, this will solidify it for you.

So as I'm finishing up for the night, I've got one more task to do: FIBs. All that involves is spinning some blood in the hematocrit centrifuge, heating it up, spinning it some more...blah blah blah. A trained monkey could do this, right? Well, maybe a trained monkey, but not me. I get to my last spin step, put all 8 tubes in the centrifuge, close the lid and hit go. As soon as I do, I hear glass smashing and breaking and gears grinding. WTF??? I turn off the power, wait for it to stop, and then realize I never put on the screw-on protective lid thingy. DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT!!! All 8 tubes shattered beyond all recognition. I had to take the entire rotor off the thing to get all the little bitty glass pieces out of that thing. Arrgh!!! Good side: the centrifuge looks like new.

Now I'm sitting waiting on the last spin again. Wish me luck guys! I hope you enjoyed my miserable last 30 minutes at work.

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