Monday, October 29, 2007

can I trade in this model?

I've decided my body is a dud. Not necessarily because I'm overweight or not as pretty as Hollywood and the media would like me to be. I think I was given a dud. As a child I had too many concussions (partially my own fault). My allergies have always been haywire. I've got a bum knee that soccer and cross country didn't help. But now? Now it's all gone to hell in a handbasket. And where in the world did that phrase originate anyway? Since August 20th, I've had too many things go wrong. The stupid hospital visit, painful ears, bronchial nastiness picked up on the plane back from Paris. Now! I already talked about the human pin cushion in a prior post. That danged pneumonia shot...! The arm I got it in is swollen, red, and hot. I've run a general fever since Friday (it's been much better today), and I can hardly move my danged arm without wincing in pain. Thank the good Lord for Tylenol 3 and the left over prescription from the hospital stay. When will it end???

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Anonymous said...

well, we could cut off the offending appendage. though in the long run that may not be the best solution.