Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I did not get the job. Looks like I'll be in Texas for awhile.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

it is finished

I officially live alone again. The roomie and I said goodbye about 20 minutes ago. He gave me his key back. He is leaving super early tomorrow morning with the GF to drive to California. I'm glad he has someone to go with him--help him with the driving, help him get settled in once he gets there, and all that stuff. His car was packed to the brim with clothes and boxes. Wonder what kind of gas mileage he'll get on the way out there?

As for me, I'm not sure how I feel. Lonely is one feeling that is right at the surface. Granted I've basically lived alone for the last couple of months, but he was still around. Now I'm offically in charge of all the house duties on my own. While I love being alone in the house, I'll miss him terribly. I'm also happy. He's been wanting to get this next degree and move on with his life for so long. It's about time he got into a great school with a good scholarship. I just wish it were closer! I'm also a little anxious. The crazy one knows that the roomie is leaving. I don't want him showing up at my door again. Roomie did leave his baseball bat for me though!

So why am I crying? It's like the end of an era. We've been friends for many years, close (even best) friends for at least 5 years. We've lived together for the last 3 years. What will I do if I need him or his input in a situation? Who's gonna be around to tell me whether or not I look decent before I leave for a date? Who's gonna help me with Thomas? :-)

Now I have to wait 12 more days to see if my life is gonna change as dramatically as his. Maybe that is part of my anxiety problem today. Still not a word from NYC. Anyone got some Paxil to spare? (just kidding, folks)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

bored bored bored

I'm sitting at the vet clinic. I've played Jewel Quest, Text Twist, and a few crossword puzzles. I've checked my email umpteen times. Our last client left at 4pm. Yet, I have to stay until the bitter end. We're all just hanging out and playing on the internet. It's only a skeleton crew at this point, too! It's only 5pm!!!

So, I guess I'll rant a little. I WANT TO HEAR FROM NYC!!! I'm dying here! How am I supposed to go on with my everyday activities not knowing where I am going to live in a couple of months??? That and the most recent edition of my alma mater magazine had two huge articles on two of my sorority sisters. (Yes, I was in a sorority. No, it wasn't your typical group of stupid blonde chicks. Not that there's anything wrong with stupid blonde chicks. And no, not all blondes are stupid. And no, not all stupid people are blonde.) What the poo have I done that's note worthy? Oh wait, I've been told that I'm not good enough for a raise. Arrgh!!!

Okay, I feel better now.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Do we live on the sun?

Okay people. I'm sick to death of 100+ degree weather. I feel like we live on some other planet or not-too-hot star's surface. Almost everyone I know is having health problems, and I blame it all on the heat and lack of rain. I've been fighting a headache off and on for a couple of weeks, and now my throat is sore. H-Bomb has been dizzy and nauseated. RAH is just cranky. All of this is attributable to the crappy air quality and blistering heat of Texas summers.

Now if I could just find out about that job in NYC, all would be good in life.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

bloody mess

Yes, I'm speaking of myself. I'm at the vet clinic today, and the second room we had was two chihuahuas for "the works." The first one went like clockwork. The second one, after we get it to the back starts acting all a fool. We put on the party hat (aka: muzzle), got the nails trimmed, got the fecal sample, and then tried to get blood. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Little thing wouldn't quit squirming. We had to have the vet come out and take the sample. I felt like a worthless vet tech, I can tell you that. Anyway, during all the squirming and general hyperactivity, she split one of her toenails and got streaks of blood all over my nice pretty white shirt. Ergo, I'm a bloody mess. Thank goodness for H2O2--I was able to clean most of it up. Needless to say, she was very happy to be free from us and back with mom and dad.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Do you know what time it is?

Well, I have my luggage back finally. What kills me about it is the time they delivered it. Here, enjoy the minute by minute account.

Last night I went to sleep about 11pm. I'd gotten home from choir, Roomie was still out, and I watched a little Who's Line on BBCAmerica. When I turned off the light a little before 11, I snuggled in and fell fast asleep. At one point my phone rang, but I was too dopey to reach for it. It was only 11:09pm, and when the message thing booped, I figured I should check it. It was Ange telling me something about Friday night plans. No biggie. I went right back to sleep.

Then my phone rang again! This time it was 1:28am. WTF? It was the middle of the night and a number I did not recognize so I let it go. Then it rang again. Surely, this is a wrong number or they will leave a message. Yep, they left a message alright. In the meantime before I heard the message boop, I'd gotten up to go to the bathroom. When I got to the front of the house, there was someone banging on the front door. Not just knocking, mind you--banging. That's when I checked the voice mail; it was some Indian sounding dude saying "This is American Airlines. I have your bag. Open your front door. I've delivered your bag, open your door." Again, I think WTF??? I find my glasses and robe in the dark, make it to the front door, and before I can open it my phone starts ringing again. Dude! I get the point! So I open the door and say "Do you KNOW what time it is???" His response: "I just deliver the bags and you said you wanted it first thing in the morning." Never you mind that I needed it first thing in the morning SIX DAYS AGO!!! I signed for the bag, took it inside, and pretty much slammed the door in his face. I guess it's not his fault entirely, but to beat down a door at 1:30 in the morning should typically elicit some hostility I would think.

But wait--there's more! I leave the bag by the front door because at this point all I want to do is go back to bed and calm down (as imaginable, I was fuming). When I get to the hallway, I hear Roomie's door open. He's on his knees, afro abounding, with his baseball bat in hand. Now if that's not funny enough, he then says under his breath "What's going on? Who's out front?" or something to that effect. All I said was, "It's my luggage. They brought it." In his sleepy haze his eyes opened to the hilarity of it all. We laughed and laughed and laughed until we went back to bed. I was still really pissed off, but hey--I had my bag back.

Glad to know the roomie is willing to put his life on the line for me after I've already taken care of problems though! :-)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


So that's the best title I can come up with today.

I spent the better part of yesterday dealing with an ever increasing migraine. I blame it on the fact that I STILL don't have my luggage from when it was lost last Thursday at Laguardia. When I was starting to regret being alive, I gave up and took some of my migraine medicine. Ah, Ultram (aka Tramadol). It's a prescription that I take way less than the doctor recommends, but if I take a full dose (50-100 mg) I become a drooling cranky idiot. Last night I took 20mg and went to bed. I had trouble sleeping and kept having these crazy hot flashes. Stupid drugs! Why can't the pharmaceutical companies fix all these things so I can take the correct dosage to get rid of the headache without feeling like a menopausal woman?!?

Anyway, the headache is better--not gone, but better. Poor H-bomb's got the same affliction, but her's has been going on for a few days. Balls to that! She has a job where she actually has to pay attention to people and drive so she can't take any good pain killers. Poor girl. Let's all wish her a speedy recovery.

Monday, August 14, 2006

off with her head!

Yep, I'm wanting to cut off my head. For all of those out there on hormones for any reason, don't fark with the scheduling of them. Do EXACTLY what the doctor recommends. And when the doctor's assistant says, "Hmm, we've never tried that before. Why don't you let us know how it works out for you," know that that means, "Hahaha, you're gonna be screwed!" I'm now on my second migraine in a month. I want to die.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Interview Day

As I sit in a Border's on 2nd Avenue at 31st Street, I'll fill in some of the gaps from yesterday before I get to the interview itself.

First thing I did before we left the house was repack my bags--had to get all the liquidish stuff outta my purse and carry on bag. That wasn't such a big deal until I never got my bag last night, but you already know about that! By the way, it still has "not been located." Next thing I left out was that my flight to O'Hare was cancelled because of weather, not terroristic threats. The airport was fogged in and there were thunderstorms in the area. Next was that on my over full flight to LGA, I had an empty seat next to me! The girl at the window and I chatted a bit. She was super sweet, recently graduated from some Washington school, and going into Americorps. Before that started, she was going to visit her brother in NYC. We were originally going to share a cab, but I got stuck with the bag problem. She'd been travelling from Seattle and was exhausted so took her leave. I can't say I blamed her.

So there is some of the stuff I thought you might enjoy. Now onto today. I woke up 2 minutes before my alarm went off then proceeded to hit snooze for 20 minutes. How is that possible you ask? Ya, I dunno. I got showered in the tiniest shower ever. The whole room was very European in size: twin bed, tiny window, little bathroom with a box shower and the toilet in the corner. Tiny I tell you! I went downstairs to the free continental breakfast and got a muffin--not a fruit to be seen. Went back upstairs and put on some makeup, tried to do my hair with no product or brush, and packed up my stuff. I left the hotel, caught a cab (Singh was wearing a turban and listening to "pingy-pingy" music), and was at the OCME within 10 minutes. I then sat inside forever to wait until my appointment time--I was 40 minutes early.

When someone came down to get me, it was a guy named Scott. He was super nice and all, and I had no idea he was actually one of the interviewers. I thought he was delivering me to one of the women I'd been in contact with previously. Whoops! I was in typical talkative mode telling him all about my travails from yesterday. Thank goodness he laughed and was super friendly. After a mix up as to who had signed up for the conference room, we settled in a small post-amp area to talk. I hate to say it so early, but I really think they like me. They kept saying "you won't hear from us, it'll be HR calling you--uh, I mean, if we offer you a position." Then when I left it was "We'll talk soon!" Keep your fingers crossed guys! They were totally cool with me not being employed by a lab at this moment, and they accepted my reasons without question. Not even a funny look! They seemed sympathetic in fact. Can everyone say "Awwwww!"

I know that's keeping it pretty short considering I was there for a little over 2 hours. Now I'm finished with my Defense Vitamin Water, and I'm ready to get a good lunch before I head back to the airport. I'm gonna head out into the 78 degree sunshine and wander to find someplace yummy. Check for updates later!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Weather and Terrorists make for a crappy day

Where to start? I guess at the beginning of the day.

I totally couldn't sleep last night so I slept a little later than I wanted (even with cats jumping on me begging to be fed--bastards). I showered, shaved, and took my time getting ready. Then I hear my cell phone ring from the other room. A couple of minutes later, the home phone rings. Mother is on the phone asking if I've seen the news. No, I say. Why? Thank goodness for Scotland Yard, but couldn't they have waited a little bit, a few hours even, to arrest those 21 terrorists? Roomie and I flew out the door to get to the airport as early as possible. I think I ended up waiting in line to check my bag almost as long as I did in the line to get through security. Then it was time to sit and wait.

Little did I know I would wait waaaaaaaaaay longer than I planned. My flight was supposed to leave at 11:15. It was delayed to 11:35 then 11:45 then 1:45. Okay, so actually that last one was the next scheduled flight. Mine was officially cancelled. That would cause me to completely miss my connection at O'Hare. I called my travel agent, and she got me transferred to a direct flight to LaGuardia. I even got in earlier than planned. Unfortunately, my luggage didn't make it along with me. I did the whole standing in line to report it lost, and they gave me the number to call and check on its progress. [It is now midnight EDT and it has still "not been located."]

So with no luggage and no planned way to get to my hotel, I signed up for a "shared van" service (like Super Shuttle). It was only $15 to get into Manhattan, but it took forever. Pretty much as soon as the van was full-o-people, the heavens opened and let forth great sheets of rain. We couldn't see more than a car length or two in front of the van. It was super scary! Glad the driver knew what he was doing. Unfortunately, my hotel was the furthest into the city, so I was the last to be dropped off. I just had him drop me off at Macy's instead. I was there FIFTEEN MINUTES before they closed. I ran upstairs to the correct suit department, found a brand that I new would fit, and grabbed a pair of slacks that doesn't look too bad with my (only pair of brown Birkenstock) shoes and a couple of different tops. Once I got my hotel room all checked in, I walked down to a Duane Reed (a NYC Walgreens) and bought a new set of makeup, toothpaste, socks, and toiletries. After that, I went to a little place a couple doors down for some cheap chinese food. Mmmmmmmmmmm! I could so love New York. Hot and sour soup, moo goo gai pan (with shrimp instead of chicken of course), steamed rice, and a ginger ale. Perfect!

Anyway, I'm wiped out. I know I left a lot out (like the uber gay couple that looked like a couple of old Elton Johns complete with crazy glasses and a Louis Vuitton luggage set). Please forgive, but I gotta get some sleep before the interview tomorrow. At least I've got my glasses in my purse so I can ditch the contacts.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

leavin' on a jet plane

Well, the T minus is down to hours now. I leave in about 12 hours to head to NYC for the interview. Arrgh! I'm not nearly as nervous about the interview as I am about the test. I've got the books in my computer case to read on the plane. I figure I've got two flights (here to Chicago, Chicago to NYC) to get a lot of cramming in. :-)

I've always been good at procrastinating when it comes to studying. When I was in college (the first couple of times), I would get some serious cooking time in around final time. People would have freshly baked cookies, brownies, lasagne, etc. Anything I knew how to make, I would whip up. One of my faves for finals was dolmas. That takes the better part of a day--dealing with the grape leaves is definitely the most time consuming part.

But back to the dealio. If anyone is so inclined, I'll take lots of happy thoughts, prayers, adulations, etc in my honor come Friday at 10am (EDT). I'll need all the help I can get to NOT TALK TOO MUCH!!! That's a habit I gotta break. I figure that'll happen about the same time I learn to be patient.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Not Bach again?!?!

I swear to the fourth avatar of Ganesh! I'm sick of turning on WRR online when I'm at the computer and having to listen to one of the stupid Brandenberg Concertos! One of them is being played at some point every day between 10am and noon. Can't the midday people play something different every once in a while? Hell, I'd even take some different Bach, but I'd prefer Buxtehude if we're gonna stay around the same general time frame.

That's it for now. Maybe later I'll post about the craziness I had to deal with last night between the phone, gym, and *bucks.

Monday, August 07, 2006

T minus 4 days

Ya, the cramming thing isn't going too well. I've tried, but reading up on cell and molecular biology is BORING. I actually read some during the sermon yesterday morning. I'm a bad Christian girl. Oh well. I'll try to get some more read tonight instead of staying out/up until 1am.

In staying up ridiculously late last night, I did have rather a lovely chat with a guy friend (nothing amorous involved). We talked about all the "Texas girls" and how many of the people here are so into looks, fashion, and material things. He and I both agreed that NY may be a much better place to meet someone real. Like I told him last night, I'm glad that all these men like me so much, but I'm sick of being every guys best friend. Guys love me! Gay, straight, bi, or thai--they can't get enough of my friendship. At some point I want to be someone's "special friend." God, that sounds soooo hokey! You know what I mean though. My big dream: sleep in on Saturday, make coffee or tea, get back in bed with the newspaper, and sit and read the paper with someone I love. I'm such a dork! And I wonder why I haven't found anyone to my specifications yet. :-)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

T minus 5 days

So I have my interview Friday. Good Lord I'm starting to get really anxious. Not necessarily about the interview itself (although a couple of questions they will ask have me tied in knots), but about the possibility of leaving Texas. Other than my time in college, I've lived here my whole life. Talk about culture shock! That and I only know one person up in NYC well (I've got a couple of other acquaintances). Do I want to leave everything I know and love down here for a shot at something new? There are some friends I really can't imagine living without (H- bomb and RAH spring to mind first). Heather has told me to go for it, and she'd be happy to come visit. Hell, her new boyfriend can afford to fly her there to see me often! (not really often, but it's a nice thought) The other has said nothing one way or the other, nothing congratulatory or wistful. Does that mean I won't be missed? Doubt it. How could you not miss me?!?

Anyway, I've got 5 days to reread some old texts--a "crash course" if you will in biochem and cell and molec bio. I'll have to take a test after the interview on those and genetics (that one won't be a problem). At least this way, instead of worrying for 5 days, I can cram.

Well, it's off to Bible study for me. It'll be good to see the lot of supportive friends there. They always brighten my spirits and make me feel loved! Arrgh! More people to miss if I leave! Now I will quit borrowing trouble and turn to Acts for a couple of hours.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

return to chaos

It took me a little while to get settled back into the good old routine of working after a fantastic week of lazing about. Granted, I've not had to do too much at the clinic (other than work exceedingly late last night trying to balance the money situation). But now things are nutso!

So I got this email last week while at the B&B in TN about a possible job interview. As it so happens, they scheduled it for next week without consulting me first. Okay, how in the world is someone supposed to get reasonable airfare to NYC in less than a week for under, say, $800? Not possible I tell you!!! I emailed back yesterday after I got my assigned time and asked if we could possibly make it the week after so I could at least get a 7 day advance purchase price deal. Instead of bothering with the email, I got a phone call this morning about 10:30 asking if I could be there next Friday--that's 7 days exactly in the travel booking world. Arrgh! Looks like I'll be flying out to New York next Thursday and returning Friday night (basically Saturday morning). What makes this even funnier is that there was a guy at the movie I went to Tuesday night wearing an "I [heart] NY" t-shirt. Was it a sign from beyond or just coincidence?

So, what can little fat mice do in NYC on a Thursday night that will still leave them refreshed for a morning interview for a FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC job opportunity? I'm taking suggestions.

Other than that, life is boring. More as it happens....

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

2006 Vacation -- last day

Okay, so I'm posting this a few days late, but there wasn't much to say about the last day. We overnighted in Meridian, MS (the bustling metropolis!), had dinner at Applebee's (not Applebeer's since it wasn't in Irving), and watched a little House. We got up fairly early 'cause we were both cranky and ready to hit the road. That hour and a half traffic delay really put a kink in our plans and in my mood! Poor Richard!

We got checked out of our Rodeway Inn (impressive for a motel even if I didn't like the incorrect spelling of the place's name) by 8:30am and hit the road. He decided that we'd brunch somewhere along the way. No problem with me. I ate more breakfast on the trip than I had in months so the lack of morning food was just back to the norm. We eventually crossed into Louisiana sometime around 10-10:30 and totally didn't even try to see any of the Natchez Trace. Who wants an hour detour when you are already running 2 hours behind schedule? Not I! We stopped for lunch at a Burger King in Dehli, LA. That served its purpose, and we were back on the road quickly.

When we crossed the state line into Texas, I did a little car seat dance of joy. Those last couple of hours were the worst! We knew we were close to home, but it still seemed so far away. It's like all the mileage signs were appearing in increments of 4 miles. Dallas 181---Dallas 177---Dallas 169. Arrgh! Just wanted to be home!

So all in all, it was a typical last day. You don't want the trip to end, but when it's time for the end, it can't come soon enough! :-) It was a great trip, but it's good to be home again.