Friday, August 11, 2006

Interview Day

As I sit in a Border's on 2nd Avenue at 31st Street, I'll fill in some of the gaps from yesterday before I get to the interview itself.

First thing I did before we left the house was repack my bags--had to get all the liquidish stuff outta my purse and carry on bag. That wasn't such a big deal until I never got my bag last night, but you already know about that! By the way, it still has "not been located." Next thing I left out was that my flight to O'Hare was cancelled because of weather, not terroristic threats. The airport was fogged in and there were thunderstorms in the area. Next was that on my over full flight to LGA, I had an empty seat next to me! The girl at the window and I chatted a bit. She was super sweet, recently graduated from some Washington school, and going into Americorps. Before that started, she was going to visit her brother in NYC. We were originally going to share a cab, but I got stuck with the bag problem. She'd been travelling from Seattle and was exhausted so took her leave. I can't say I blamed her.

So there is some of the stuff I thought you might enjoy. Now onto today. I woke up 2 minutes before my alarm went off then proceeded to hit snooze for 20 minutes. How is that possible you ask? Ya, I dunno. I got showered in the tiniest shower ever. The whole room was very European in size: twin bed, tiny window, little bathroom with a box shower and the toilet in the corner. Tiny I tell you! I went downstairs to the free continental breakfast and got a muffin--not a fruit to be seen. Went back upstairs and put on some makeup, tried to do my hair with no product or brush, and packed up my stuff. I left the hotel, caught a cab (Singh was wearing a turban and listening to "pingy-pingy" music), and was at the OCME within 10 minutes. I then sat inside forever to wait until my appointment time--I was 40 minutes early.

When someone came down to get me, it was a guy named Scott. He was super nice and all, and I had no idea he was actually one of the interviewers. I thought he was delivering me to one of the women I'd been in contact with previously. Whoops! I was in typical talkative mode telling him all about my travails from yesterday. Thank goodness he laughed and was super friendly. After a mix up as to who had signed up for the conference room, we settled in a small post-amp area to talk. I hate to say it so early, but I really think they like me. They kept saying "you won't hear from us, it'll be HR calling you--uh, I mean, if we offer you a position." Then when I left it was "We'll talk soon!" Keep your fingers crossed guys! They were totally cool with me not being employed by a lab at this moment, and they accepted my reasons without question. Not even a funny look! They seemed sympathetic in fact. Can everyone say "Awwwww!"

I know that's keeping it pretty short considering I was there for a little over 2 hours. Now I'm finished with my Defense Vitamin Water, and I'm ready to get a good lunch before I head back to the airport. I'm gonna head out into the 78 degree sunshine and wander to find someplace yummy. Check for updates later!


Heather said...

Color me Jealous!! 78 degree weather?? It's hotter than Satan's taters here in good ol Tejas! I'm uber glad the interview went well, but I knew you'd do a good job!! Enjoy a good meal for me woman!! I should have asked for a cheesy souveneir..balls!

Elle said...

As I said on the phone, I'm really excited for you. I'm so glad it went well, especially after those @#$%&! terrorists made things so difficult.

Gee, looks as if I may have a reason for going to NYC....