Monday, August 07, 2006

T minus 4 days

Ya, the cramming thing isn't going too well. I've tried, but reading up on cell and molecular biology is BORING. I actually read some during the sermon yesterday morning. I'm a bad Christian girl. Oh well. I'll try to get some more read tonight instead of staying out/up until 1am.

In staying up ridiculously late last night, I did have rather a lovely chat with a guy friend (nothing amorous involved). We talked about all the "Texas girls" and how many of the people here are so into looks, fashion, and material things. He and I both agreed that NY may be a much better place to meet someone real. Like I told him last night, I'm glad that all these men like me so much, but I'm sick of being every guys best friend. Guys love me! Gay, straight, bi, or thai--they can't get enough of my friendship. At some point I want to be someone's "special friend." God, that sounds soooo hokey! You know what I mean though. My big dream: sleep in on Saturday, make coffee or tea, get back in bed with the newspaper, and sit and read the paper with someone I love. I'm such a dork! And I wonder why I haven't found anyone to my specifications yet. :-)

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Elle said...

You're not a dork! Your ideal Saturday sounds good to me. Not there myself. S works on Saturdays now, but before this schedule, he wanted to be up at "sparrow fart" (as the Brits call it) to go on long walks. So now I get to sleep in, but I'm alone.