Wednesday, August 09, 2006

leavin' on a jet plane

Well, the T minus is down to hours now. I leave in about 12 hours to head to NYC for the interview. Arrgh! I'm not nearly as nervous about the interview as I am about the test. I've got the books in my computer case to read on the plane. I figure I've got two flights (here to Chicago, Chicago to NYC) to get a lot of cramming in. :-)

I've always been good at procrastinating when it comes to studying. When I was in college (the first couple of times), I would get some serious cooking time in around final time. People would have freshly baked cookies, brownies, lasagne, etc. Anything I knew how to make, I would whip up. One of my faves for finals was dolmas. That takes the better part of a day--dealing with the grape leaves is definitely the most time consuming part.

But back to the dealio. If anyone is so inclined, I'll take lots of happy thoughts, prayers, adulations, etc in my honor come Friday at 10am (EDT). I'll need all the help I can get to NOT TALK TOO MUCH!!! That's a habit I gotta break. I figure that'll happen about the same time I learn to be patient.


Elle said...

Prayers today for safe flights and prayers tomorrow for good interview and safe travel home. I'll tuck in a comment about not talking too much.

Elle said...

On posting photos on my blog - believe it nor not, I used the Help feature to figure it out. Don't remember details except that you either use the URL of a photo already on the Web or you upload one you have saved on your computer. The Help feature really helped!

Heather said...

I shall keep my everything crossed for you Miss!! Good Luck..I know that you'll kick ass and leave them rolling in wonderment( is that even a word??)