Tuesday, August 29, 2006

it is finished

I officially live alone again. The roomie and I said goodbye about 20 minutes ago. He gave me his key back. He is leaving super early tomorrow morning with the GF to drive to California. I'm glad he has someone to go with him--help him with the driving, help him get settled in once he gets there, and all that stuff. His car was packed to the brim with clothes and boxes. Wonder what kind of gas mileage he'll get on the way out there?

As for me, I'm not sure how I feel. Lonely is one feeling that is right at the surface. Granted I've basically lived alone for the last couple of months, but he was still around. Now I'm offically in charge of all the house duties on my own. While I love being alone in the house, I'll miss him terribly. I'm also happy. He's been wanting to get this next degree and move on with his life for so long. It's about time he got into a great school with a good scholarship. I just wish it were closer! I'm also a little anxious. The crazy one knows that the roomie is leaving. I don't want him showing up at my door again. Roomie did leave his baseball bat for me though!

So why am I crying? It's like the end of an era. We've been friends for many years, close (even best) friends for at least 5 years. We've lived together for the last 3 years. What will I do if I need him or his input in a situation? Who's gonna be around to tell me whether or not I look decent before I leave for a date? Who's gonna help me with Thomas? :-)

Now I have to wait 12 more days to see if my life is gonna change as dramatically as his. Maybe that is part of my anxiety problem today. Still not a word from NYC. Anyone got some Paxil to spare? (just kidding, folks)

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