Thursday, August 03, 2006

return to chaos

It took me a little while to get settled back into the good old routine of working after a fantastic week of lazing about. Granted, I've not had to do too much at the clinic (other than work exceedingly late last night trying to balance the money situation). But now things are nutso!

So I got this email last week while at the B&B in TN about a possible job interview. As it so happens, they scheduled it for next week without consulting me first. Okay, how in the world is someone supposed to get reasonable airfare to NYC in less than a week for under, say, $800? Not possible I tell you!!! I emailed back yesterday after I got my assigned time and asked if we could possibly make it the week after so I could at least get a 7 day advance purchase price deal. Instead of bothering with the email, I got a phone call this morning about 10:30 asking if I could be there next Friday--that's 7 days exactly in the travel booking world. Arrgh! Looks like I'll be flying out to New York next Thursday and returning Friday night (basically Saturday morning). What makes this even funnier is that there was a guy at the movie I went to Tuesday night wearing an "I [heart] NY" t-shirt. Was it a sign from beyond or just coincidence?

So, what can little fat mice do in NYC on a Thursday night that will still leave them refreshed for a morning interview for a FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC job opportunity? I'm taking suggestions.

Other than that, life is boring. More as it happens....


Heather said...

they can drink a cosmopolitan, eat a kick ass meal and call their friends in Tejas to gloat about how it's probably not a billion degrees at 10pm EST.

Anonymous said...

little fat mice must drink many fifths and then get on the cell phone to transmit everything back to TX. Other than that, just be yourselves. :-)