Sunday, August 06, 2006

T minus 5 days

So I have my interview Friday. Good Lord I'm starting to get really anxious. Not necessarily about the interview itself (although a couple of questions they will ask have me tied in knots), but about the possibility of leaving Texas. Other than my time in college, I've lived here my whole life. Talk about culture shock! That and I only know one person up in NYC well (I've got a couple of other acquaintances). Do I want to leave everything I know and love down here for a shot at something new? There are some friends I really can't imagine living without (H- bomb and RAH spring to mind first). Heather has told me to go for it, and she'd be happy to come visit. Hell, her new boyfriend can afford to fly her there to see me often! (not really often, but it's a nice thought) The other has said nothing one way or the other, nothing congratulatory or wistful. Does that mean I won't be missed? Doubt it. How could you not miss me?!?

Anyway, I've got 5 days to reread some old texts--a "crash course" if you will in biochem and cell and molec bio. I'll have to take a test after the interview on those and genetics (that one won't be a problem). At least this way, instead of worrying for 5 days, I can cram.

Well, it's off to Bible study for me. It'll be good to see the lot of supportive friends there. They always brighten my spirits and make me feel loved! Arrgh! More people to miss if I leave! Now I will quit borrowing trouble and turn to Acts for a couple of hours.


Heather said...

I would miss you like a pimp misses his ho's when they can't work!! All joking aside, this is a kick ass opportunity for you...I shall personally smack you upside the head if you turn this down! Stupid boy will miss you when you're gone....tell him to screw off. Just as long as you keep Cingular as your phone service, then all will be well.
Not borrowing trouble sounds like awesome advice. Good Luck....I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

Elle said...

Heather nailed it. And I agree with her about Cingular - need to keep that mobile to mobile thing going.

So go to NYC and have a kick-ass interview!

Can't wait to hear all about it.