Monday, October 02, 2006

feline jealousy

I always knew that animals could experience jealousy, but now I have proof.

Last night was a night like any other (oh, God, this sounds like the beginning of a really bad romance novel). When I turned off SVU at midnight, I settled into the covers of my comfy bed. Part of the settling includes getting ready for Thomas to "suck." Poor boy. He was abandoned too young by his harlot mother cat, so he still has suckling issues. I know that I shouldn't reinforce this bad behavior, but hey, he's a cat and it doesn't hurt anything. So, I turn off my light, get my shirt sleeve situated, and he comes over. After a little chirpy purr, he settles in to knead and suck on my bicep sleeve. Yes, it's weird. Yes, I've gotten over it. Yes, I'm a totally overindulgent mother. This is where the similarities to other nights ended.

Well, not totally. Sometimes Cornelius will start to wander all over the bed trying to disrupt Thomas. I eventually shove him off the bed or he gives up. Not last night. After much walking around (all over me I might add), Corn finally settled with his front paws neatly crossed on my bicep. The same one Thomas was sucking on. It only took a few seconds of a steely-eyed stare from the Cornman before Thomas gave up and left. Poor Thomas. He just wanted to feel loved like any other long, lost kitten. What made it even worse was that when Thomas left, Cornelius stood up , stretched, and hopped off the bed as well.

Isn't that sad?

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Heather said...

I'd say Corn was being a bully. And, that still creeps me out that Thomas does that. Blech.