Wednesday, October 18, 2006

ever wonder why?

Why are some people so hateful? I found out last night that a person I know has been saying horrible things about me to friends of mine FROM MY CHURCH! Granted sometimes you feel like you have to let off a little steam, and you may curse someone's name for no particular reason. I'm guilty of that, and I don't fault people for doing it once or twice. But for someone to whom I've never been anything but nice, cordial, friendly, and hospitable to say hateful, horrible, vile things about me.... I don't even know how to react. My first instinct was to call the best friend and vent. That helped a little. I still feel hurt though. She had absolutely no reason, no right, no anything to say what she did. I will not post the actual derogatory statements. However, I can say it was most likely projection. While I would never voice the thought about her, if the shoe fits.... I'm glad I knew from the beginning not to trust her. Now, I will never speak to her again. You obviously are the company you keep (in her circle). It shouldn't be worth getting upset about, but I don't know how many people she slandered me around. Wait, slander is spoken and libel is written, right? Whatever, she is now a serious persona non grata.

Grrrr. I'll sic Thomas on her if I ever see her again.

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Heather said...

She's just a lame, insecure small minded hooker! Don't let her bad vibes get to you! We all know you are AWESOME and obviously she's not!

Enjoy your giddy-ness today!! Smitten!!