Monday, October 02, 2006

Anyone for a road trip?

If so, do not take TX HWY 67. What a nightmare! All the way from north of Cleburne to south of Glen Rose, it's like one big construction zone. Also, who ever though Monday was the day for the Sunday drivers in their duelies to take up precious space on two lane roads? Arrgh! When I finally got off of 67, I thought it would improve. Hah! There was construction in Hico at HWY 6 and two bouts just past Goldthwaite on HWY 16. And do you know how many passing zones there are on hill country roads? Ya, like three. And when you finally reach the passing zone, someone in a huge SUV is speeding toward you in the opposing lane so you are stuck forever behind the slow pokes!!!

I'm so taking a different route home.

At least gas was only $2.03 in Llano! (although I had to wait until the gasoline pump system rebooted because the woman's credit card before me freaked out the system--it was only 5 minutes that I had to wait and swelter on the side of a small Texas highway)


Angela said...

Sounds like you had an interesting trip down ;-) Hope that you have loads of fun...enjoy seeing your god-daughter and friends!! I liked the guy's music - nice string section ;-)

A Naughty Mouse said...

Supposedly his name is Vitas. We'll see how much we hear about him in the coming days (now that he's all over Yahoo!).

lindl30 said...

I forgot you were heading to the hill country. BTW, have you seen C's email about the trip next summer? Have a wonderful time. I'll talk to you after my hard hat and I get back from the Big Easy.

Heather said...

hooray for cheap gas out in the boonies.