Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yep, the H-Bomb came up with a good word for it. I'm feeling twitterpated. Second date last night was rather awesome. All we did was meet for a drink after I saw a movie with the aforementioned H-Bomb. BTW--Wanted is a fun mindless way to spend 2 hours. Well, Dateman and I sat at a table for over 2 hours and then stood out in the parking lot talking for almost another hour. When 12:30am rolled around, I had to put my foot down and tell him we both had to get home and get some sleep. I can't stay up that late on a school night! We learned a lot about each other (including where our respective families fall in regards to the mixed race issue). However, I still don't know his last name! I keep forgetting to ask. Whoops. We've been texting already today, and he's already asked if I wanted to get together tonight. I said that I'd love to, but I really have some stuff I need to take care of for Angeouie's wedding this weekend. So it's looking like date #3 will take place tomorrow night. And to think we were planning date #3 for Saturday night or Sunday. Guess I'm so spectacular that he can't wait that long. *swoon!*

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