Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am idiocity

Sometimes I am so stupid I can hardly believe it. Okay, so I have had trouble with the whole eating thing after this surgery. Saturday night I had issues and took it easy for a day or so. Today I decided it would be brilliant to try some raw celery. I loooooooove celery! Well, it no longer loves me. I had stomach cramps all afternoon long. I was supposed to meet a couple friends for happy hour, but I begged off. I stared thinking about it and realized that maybe a drink would be a good thing. It would relax the cramping tummy muscles. And it did! I took a little over an hour to drink one tequila beverage, and my stomach felt a ton better. So WTF did I do when I got home? I ate some left over egg foo young. Granted, on its own, I'm sure it wouldn't have caused me any problems--it didn't last night. However, after my issues of the afternoon, I'm a little painful again. As of today I am 10 weeks post surgery. Is an athlete ready to run a marathon 10 weeks after reconstructive knee surgery? Gosh! When will I learn? If any of you see me doing something stupid food wise, please tell me to stop. I will not be offended, I promise. And if I get snippy, call me on it. =) After the past week, I really don't want to think about bulimia as a way to deal with my tummy pains.

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Anonymous said...

new blog! And no more mentioning of bulemia stuff or i'll kick your arse.