Tuesday, July 22, 2008

so little time, so much to tell

Yes, yes, yes...I suck at blogging lately. I am terribly sorry. Such is the life of the mouse. I'll throw in the highlights (and lowlights) of the last week.

Hmmm, where to start. I blogged about all the stomach pains I'd been having, so this will be a catch up on that. I finally called the doc last Thursday, and they scheduled me for a CT scan Friday morning. Yes, as in the very next day. It was fine as far as contrast scans go I guess. I got the news yesterday that I have something called a Peterson's hernia--some sorta hernia at the anastomosis between my "stomach" and my intestines. It's gotta get fixed. Mind you I've got SAang's wedding in two weeks. I pretty much refused to have the surgery until after that. No, I'm not putting myself in danger, but it'll be taken care of pretty danged soon after the wedding (as in about 4 days after I think it will be). They even called me today and tried to talk me into Saturday morning surgery. Nope--that day I'll be spending the day with the girls doing bachelorette party things (nothing lewd or debaucherous though). Basically, the next two weeks are the busiest I'll be for the rest of the year. Sorry body--you have to wait to be healed. Don't fail me now!

On personal notes of a different nature, I did a speed dating thing with a girl from work last week. It was so much fun! I had no idea it would be! Granted, I can pretty much talk to a post in the ground. I basically had a date a month for the whole year in one night (12 different guys for 5 minutes each). There were a couple that I was really interested in, but I don't think it was mutual. Then there was this guy who when I looked at him from across the room I knew I wouldn't like him. Well, um, he was rather amazing. Learned, articulate, well travelled, funny, successful.... But no, I wasn't going to like him. Guess what folks? We've got our first real date Sunday night. (another reason to put off the surgery a smidge--I mean, how do you say "Ya, you're really awesome, but I have to have surgery because of a complication from my gastric bypass surgery, so can you wait a couple weeks more?") Anyway, he's been persistent, and he'd be a great catch. And we have so much in common! Even down to talking about jazz clubs in Montreal....

This is also a good thing because I found out on my lunch "date" today that the older guy is married. Um, 'scuse me? No, I don't do that. Ah, my naivety amazes even me.

Lastly (for tonight at least) a dear dear friend is in town for her sister's wedding. I saw her Sunday at a bridal shower (and sooooo many other people I haven't seen in ages!) and again for dinner tonight. I miss her so much, and I rue the fact that I can't see her more often. Unfortunately (for me, not her) she lives out in the Bay area. She said it was 55 degrees when she got on the plane and 100 when she got off. Ugh! I can't believe how terrible that must have been. Anyway, I'll see her again Thursday at the wedding. Yes, Thursday. No, I don't understand it either. =)

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