Friday, November 16, 2007

the blackness of it all

What in the world did people do at night with no electricity?

So I finally pulled in my driveway last night about 6:30 or so and noticed that my front porch light was out. Hmmm, I guess it burned out again. I carefully unlock the door in semi-darkness and get in the house. I flip a few switches--nothing. Okay, now I'm starting to worry. I light a few candles, get the step ladder and find the fuse box. When I flip the main breaker--nothing. Damn! I notice my cool as ice neighbor is home so I go over there to look up the number to call for power outages. Well, when I call, this computer voice tells me my power has been disconnected. WTF?!?!?!?!? I call the service desk (thanks be to God they were still there) and they say I've been disconnected because of non-payment. Excuse the *bleep* outta me??? Hell no! After I get all that biz-nass resolved, I tell them I want the priority reconnection. Chickadee in the service center tells me that will cost between $89-189. I said to sign me up, but I flat out refused to pay the fee. She was all discombobulated, but I don't care. At this point it was about 7, so I decided to go ahead and go to choir rehearsal early.

When I got out of rehearsal, I took the plunge and called my mother. I asked if I could use her place to get ready for work in the morning, and to my delight (and answering my hope), she told me to come over and stay the night. YAY! Light and warmth! A good time was had by all sitting on the couch in front of her TV watching Law and Order. Unfortunately, I didn't sleep all too well. It wasn't my bed and my pillows even if it was my old room. Such is life! I'm just glad I was warm.

I left her place this morning about 6:30 so I could run by my house, feed the cats, and get my crock pot back from my next door neighbor (it was churning away when the power was cut, so she let me finish it over there). When I drove up, lo and behold, there was light emanating from my living room. Guess that was one of the lights I didn't get turned off in my flipping frenzy the night before. Now I have the power!!! All is well in my world now. Thanks again to the rawking dog awesomeness that is my mother!

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Anonymous said...

where is the blog about your date night Missy???!?!??