Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Before I talk about the fan-freaking-tastic dinner Mother and I had, I must divulge my afternoon doings.

I started to feel really guilty about NOT exercising in a while. When I finished with all the bloodiness of the afternoon at work, I noticed that the poop pile was very small. I asked my boss if I could leave those samples until morning and leave early (since I'd worked 1.5 hours overtime the day before). He said okay, so I booked it home and did 35 minutes of pilates. Dear Lord, my quads and butt are sore today.

And then there was dinner.

1st course--Dungeoness crab dip with oven roasted crackers
2nd course--
Mother: tenderloin and tomato with Point Reyes blue cheese
me: candied pecan encrusted mahi mahi with pureed sweet potatoes
both: garlic spinach
3rd course: big as your head slice of chocolate goodness cake with ganache, fudgy icing, white chocolate accents and cherry drizzle of some sort (I think I died and went to heaven)

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Heather said...

*drool* I can't wait for tonight!!! The Nana didn't have any chocolate desserts but the marinated strawberries were to die for.

See you in a couple hours.