Saturday, August 25, 2007

craft 8/16/07

And then there was Craft. I was a little hesitant to go there at all. It's located in the W Hotel in the Victory Park area of Dallas--totally bougie! I didn't think I could even pretend to look rich enough to darken their door. Luckily Mother let me borrow her car (mine was too filthy for a valet to even deign to park).

I arrived to find Tim had beaten me to the punch. He had already been seated, but he chose to let me have the seat that had a view of the entire restaurant. It can also be said that the boy cleans up well; he looked quite nice in his slate grey shirt and black trousers. I did the simple little black dress with red shoes and red bag. All in all, I think we cleaned up quite well.

Craft had the best restaurant week idea. Most places have a restricted menu from which you choose your 3 courses (one app, one entree, one dessert). While Craft had a restricted menu, all we had to choose was the entree. They then proceeded to bring out small samples of 3 appetizers (romaine with gorgonzola vinaigrette and roasted figs, little shrimps in a lemon aioli, and an heirloom tomato salad with a soy reduction). I think we died a little and saw a glimpse of heaven. After that course, we received our entrees (me: filet of salmon in lemongrass herb broth, Tim: braised beef short rib with shallots and something else) and our selection of sides (braised fingerling potatoes with herb butter, roasted summer vegetables, and an assortment of awesome sauteed mushrooms). As if that wasn't enough to stuff us, they then brought dessert. We had an assortment of fresh ice creams and sorbets (vanilla, pine nut, red currant, and apricot), pannacotta with fresh berries, and a chocolate tort with coffee, brown butter, and white chocolate drizzle...! At that point, we did die and see heaven in that tort.

A fantastic evening of amazing food, good friends, and great conversation.

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