Wednesday, July 11, 2007

whirlwind day

Yes, it's a couple days after the fact, but I've been too busy to post. I blame the work gods since I got called in yesterday on my supposed day off. Oh well.

Let me just mention first off how much trouble I had sleeping Sunday night before the interview. I watched a lot of SVU until almost 1am, then I just laid in bed hoping I wouldn't totally fark things up during the interviews. Yes, I said interviews. I met with at least 8 separate people. I was booked from 8am to 3pm (from 10am to 2:30pm was a different person every 30 minutes!). There was one guy who could only ask me things about my previous job though. He was awed, but I told him it was way more glorious on TV--I never got close to driving a Hummer. Granted, I don't think I'd ever want to. When I saw one at a car show, I walked up and kicked the tire for fun. Oh, but I digress.... Only the first guy made me nervous; he was so technical and wanted to know very detailed things. From then on out, I was just myself and answered all of their questions to the best of my ability. Then I got to drive to the airport in a torrential downpour. I hope my shoes didn't get ruined. Next time--Birkenstocks!

I made it to the airport about 3:30 (everything up there is sooooooo close!), and I couldn't find anyone to take my rental car. As it turns out, I was supposed to park it myself and just take the keys inside. Random. Then I had to check in, check my itsy bitsy bag (so didn't want to carry it), and make it through security. Did they raise the "terror level alert" or whatever it is called while I was up there? It was much more stringent than trying to get through security at DFW--and Portland only has 11 gates. Yes people, ELEVEN! I had to ditch my Purell stuff, toothpaste, and hand lotion out of my purse. Damnation! Then there was tons-o-time to kill so I had a little cup of clam chowder. Even at the airport it was fan-freaking-tastic!

Long rest of the day condensed: my flights were all late because of storms and fog. I didn't get home until after midnight (after being up at 5am same time-zone-wise). I slept like a baby until the next morning when I got called to come in to work. Blech.

Be patient--I will update when I hear anything!

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Millipatch (JCC) said...

Small airports are always worse for security bc they don't have the big scary devices that can see through your suitcase well. I have the same issue when I come back to DFW from small town MN =)