Thursday, July 12, 2007


The meaning behind this dream was fairly obvious to me. Let's see what y'all think.

All I really remember is being in some sort of collegiate setting and seeing storm clouds racing toward the building. I told everyone to get into the corridors or restrooms for protection. Unlike other dreams of mine like this, everyone actually listened and heeded my warnings. The last thing I saw was at least 6 tornadoes hurtling toward us all. During the hellacious storm, there was an earthquake that tore up everything--buildings, the roads, and landscape. When were finally able to emerge from our safety, there was nothing but disbelief. Because of the upheaval of the land and whirling winds, complete parking lots were devoid of cars, hills were cleared of trees, and buildings were crumbling before our eyes.

Do I think my life is in upheaval--totally changing before me??? Hmmmmmm.... Only time will tell.


Heather said...

maybe it means that you are obsessed with weather?? Watching a bit too much of the weather channel eh??

Love the fact that the word verification reads: tydio.

A Naughty Mouse said...

Actually haven't seen any of the Weather Channel since I was getting ready to leave the airport in Portland. Good try.

Heather said...

Methinks it's time for another blog. Haha....gotcha!!