Friday, June 22, 2007


The difference in the weather I left in Texas this morning and what I found up here in Wisconsin is amazing. I left this sticky, damp, hot mess of low pressure nastiness this morning. Now I'm in the middle of mid-60s, pleasant, beautifulness. I hope I can take this home with me.

And now for the traveling musings:

I drove through Harvard, IL which is the home of Milk Days, a celebration of the dairy goodness known throughout the world as moo juice. I even had my picture taken by the cow statue.

I passed through another town that was home of the Corn Festival of Illinois (or was it Wisconsin by that point?). Too funny!

The one person I met at the airport before I left had a boarding ticket 2 numbers off of mine, had my first name, and her husband is in a local band and looking for a female vocalist. Okay, when I say band, I mean they play at weddings and festivals and the like and play all the oldies (KLUV stuff). She got my number and wants to see me soon at her place for a rehearsal! Of all the things....

I met a woman tonight who sounds either like she came straight from Fargo or belongs on Prairie Home Companion.

One of the guys I met says that everyone has such a nasal voice because they are always cold. Does that make sense to you? After that, the group of Wisconsineers-Wisconsinites-Wisconsonions all decided I sounded British. Whatev! All because I pronounce the "con" of Wisconsin with an "aw" sound instead of an "ah" sound. I love going different places!

And of course I had my picture taken next to the "Welcome to Wisconsin" sign. I felt like I had dork written all over me, but I didn't care in the slightest!

Okay, it's getting late. Well, not really, but I'm super freaking tired after leaving my house 959 miles and 15.5 hours ago. It's bed time for the naughty mouse. Later gators.


Anonymous said...

I may have missed the message on this, but why are you in Wisconsin?

Anonymous said...

Moo juice?? That's the best way I've ever heard milk be referenced.