Sunday, June 03, 2007

the good, the bad, and the heartbreaking

Wow. I can't believe the last two weeks. Feels more like two months. It's now June 3rd (barely), so that means I haven't posted anything in almost exactly the time life has gotten bizarro. Let's see, shall I list the events in chronological order or group them according to good v. bad? I'll go in order:

1. I find out from my supervisor that I am switching to day shift at the start of the next pay period (tomorrow now). Hallelujah!
2. I find out the H-bomb's health is crappier than expected. Besides her almost constant pain, she now has even more stuff to deal with. How can you walk if your foot is numb? Hmmmm.... If anyone can handle it though, she can. She amazes me. I wish I had half of her fortitude and temerity!
3. I get the damning phone call telling me one of my dearest friends has been diagnosed with stage IV esophageal cancer. I later learn it has invaded her liver and lymph system. Damn, fuck, and shit.
4. Literally within the hour of hearing the aforementioned heartbreaking news, I get an email from the main dude in Maine saying to go to the listed link and apply for the position he created for me. I couldn't even deal with it that night.
5. YAY!!! Giggles got a job at one of the best private schools in the area. I'm thrilled for her and the good news!
6. After seven months of breaking my back trying to fulfill my duties as section leader in my choir while working the bloody night shift, I get axed from the upcoming England trip. I was supposed to leave in less than two months. Goes to show you what fourteen years of dedication and loyalty gets you. A heaping pile of nothing.
7. And finally, I get another email from Maine. This one is from some VP's assistant asking me when in June looks good for me to get up there to visit the lab, have the official interview, and meet the team. Good Lord, at this point, I don't know what to do about that job opportunity.

That's it in a nutshell.

I'm heartbroken about the fact that I may be losing a fan-freaking-tastic friend sooner than planned (I mean, truth be told, everyone is terminal). This friend has been there through thick, thin, and thicker. I can even remember the times she was troubled and would call me uber late at night for consolation and advice. I could never repay her for all she's done for me. A person can't dream of a better person to have on her side in this crazy world. I'll talk to her soon, but I have to get her advice about the plan of my life at this point. I think I know what she'll say, but I still have to ask. OMG, and the way she is so composed! I mean to say, "ya, I'm terminal so let's eat more ice cream" and mean it. For someone who professes no belief in God (or any god for that matter), she is the most Christian person I've come across in a long time. I can't imagine life without her. I thank God for bringing her into my life. Now I pray daily that He won't take her away just yet.

How can I follow that? Ya, I don't think I can. If you want any more details about the crap above, let me know and I'll set to updating. I promise to type before another two weeks passes. Thank goodness for Cafe Brazil and their free wifi and kick ass omelets (wish they were free)!

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