Thursday, June 07, 2007

12 items or fewer

What a crazy excursion I made to the Half Foods Market yesterday evening. I'd worked for 9.5 hours (but, really folks, that long during daylight hours is a cakewalk compared to overnight) and had dinner with AA first (mmmmm, chop suey a go go!). When I walked into the place, I was so full that looking at the food started to make me feel ill. Then I partake of the mini-cart (ergo, I can't buy too much--which ended up not being a problem) and begin to shop. I had to make this pasta salad thing for pot-luck lunch at work today, but nothing sounded good. I wandered around the produce section for, I kid you not, 20 minutes picking things up and putting them back. Finally I called my mother (the culinary genius and delightful woman) and drove her nuts. Me: What would be good in this? Mom: (lists a ton of things) Me: Nah, that doesn't sound good. What kind of pasta should I use? Mom: Fusilli. Me: I hate fusilli! (I then proceed to tell her why.) Bless her heart, I thought she was gonna come through the phone and strangle me. I sure would've! Once I finally picked out all my stuff and hit the check out lane, it was finally time to get out of that horrible food filled place. (note to readers: best time to go shopping--straight after stuffing your face with chop suey) I wandered out into the parking lot, saw a cute little terrier in a car and mentally applauded the owner for leaving the a/c on for the dog. Then I started thinking about the emissions and greenhouse gases and got all combobulated. When I looked up, I couldn't find my car to save my life. I started to freak out a little (I so vividly remember the time I saw my car drive away without me in it). Anyone want to guess where it was? Ya, right in front of me. Wow, not a good night for the naughty mouse!


Heather said...

Sounds like you aren't quite adjusted to your new schedule yet. I'm sure your co-workers loved your pasta salad-despite your troubles of finding things to go in it.
Chop Suey a go-go???

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe it takes a while to get used to working the day shift. . . . Just shows you that human being can adapt to all sorts of unnatural things. At least you get to adapt to something natural now!

I'd forgotten about the time you saw your car drive away without you in it. I can see how, in your chronically sleep-deprived state, such a thing would come to mind.

Hope you have a good weekend.