Monday, June 18, 2007

phew, what a weekend!

The whirlwind started Thursday night. I had the handbell rehearsal from hell before I headed over the H & B's for the barbeque.

Friday was early work, stoopid doctor's appt (yes, the blood pressure is officially high), rushed to the wedding rehearsal, and then had a scrumptious feast at the rehearsal dinner. Of course there was the requisite "sex book" buying session at Barnes and Noble for the happy couple to take on the honeymoon. It was HI-LAR-EE-YUS!

Saturday morning was way too early to try to look nice, and the rain ruined my hair before I even got to the church. Meh! Rehearsed the bells again, had the wedding (with my uber fantastic solo--thank you very much), and went to the reception. SWANK-A-LILCIOUS!!! I've not been to a reception that was so planned for carnivores in my life. (and those who know me know I love meat) When I finally left the swanky party, I got home for a quick nap (okay, 3 hours might not be quick in some books...), and went back to hell in fluorescent lighting (the lab). It wasn't too bad--I was able to leave by 1:30am! I think that's a record.

Sunday I slept until about 10am (which considering I didn't go to sleep until a little after 4am wasn't nearly enough), got up, got clean, and went to church. It was nice to not have to vest or sing. Then there was lunch and shopping with ma madre. Mmmmmmm, Mexican food. Then it was time to head to Denton with Rico Suave for dinner with friends. Once again, serious yumminess! The drive home was less than swell as he and I were both exhausted.

And now it's Monday. There's your update, friends!


Anonymous said...

Did you really just refer to him as "Rico Suave"??? Now I have that song stuck in my head and this horrible image of this latino man running around in a long mullet, bare chested, and tight jeans. *shudder*....I think I may now need a drink.
Glad to hear the solo went well, but I knew it would. Kick ass singer girl that you are.

Anonymous said...

So glad you kept me company in church and made it up to dinner! Mi esposo and I both enjoyed the evening. "Rico Suave" - I'm almost laughing too hard to type. Hope Gingerman was good. I was nearly unconscious by the time it started. Just as well I wasn't driving, huh.