Monday, June 11, 2007

Portland, here I come!

Yes, folks, you read it right. I'm headed up to Portland in a few weeks. Granted, this is just a visit to see the lab and have the official interviews that are necesssary for the possible job opportunity. I'm uber excited! In fact, I have already checked with, and it's not supposed to be warmer that 76 degrees in the next ten days. Hmmm, I think it's supposed to be like 94 today here. What's even better is that I asked if they would fly me up on Saturday instead of Sunday so I could have all day Sunday to see the town. The answer: "absolutely!" And they are hooking me up with a rental car. Wow, I don't think I could be much more excited!


Anonymous said...

HOLY SHIT!!! That's coolness to the ultimate factor! If I could find a cheap ticket...I'd sooo totally invite myself along on this trip of yours. I love me some Portland.

Hope the trip goes well!!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Oh, wait..I just had a DUH moment. I forgot you're going to Portland Maine, not Portland Oregon. Therefore, it's impossible for me to love Portland Maine, since I've never been there. *sigh* I need some STARBUCKS-b/c I'm a caffiene, sleep deprived whore.

Anonymous said...

Megan says-
CONGRATULISSIMOS!!! Lucky dawg, gettin the 70 degree weather ;P

Anonymous said...

Hey...can you bring me back a lobster as a souvenier?? Or perhaps a T-shirt would be easier to transport...something that says: Maine! Tee-hee. I'll gladly reimburse ya!!
Maybe you could even bring back some of that cooler weather eh? Dude,,I'm jazzed on my caffiene.

JCC said...

ahhh, that's so great!