Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I now have proof that you should always look at least presentable when you leave your house, even if it is to run to Sonic or your mother's or the bathroom.

I left my place to run by ma madre's to see if I'd heard from one particular person who I think I royally pissed off (so completely unintentionally, I'm just a big idiot sometimes). I wasn't even a full block from my house when I passed an old friend I hadn't seen in ages riding her bike with a friend through my neighborhood looking at houses. It was a shock for both of us. She had a reason to be icky--she'd been riding her bike over an hour. I'm just lazy and hadn't showered yet because I hadn't planned on seeing anyone. So there I am, on the side of the road, blocking a lane of traffic (side street--no biggie) meeting her new "friend" while wearing athletic shorts, a Carter Bloodcare shirt laden with cat hair, no bra, and my hair all whacked out from not even being brushed yet today. I'm sooooooooo embarrassed. I hope she does move close to me so I can see the new friend and make a better impression by looking at least acceptable.

And no, I haven't heard from the possibly ex-friend yet.

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Anonymous said...

what is this ex-friend business?? Oh, I will eventually blog...