Friday, March 23, 2007

has it really been a week?

Whoa, time flies. Not that I've been having fun, mind you. I've just been uber busy. I shall try to be brief with witty amusements and updates.

Hypoplastic Frontal Sinuses

Yes, this is a new thing to me, too. I went to il doctore a couple of days ago because I was being Pre-emptive Strike Girl. I was worried I was getting a sinus infection, and with the new and exciting thing called health insurance *angels singing* I decided I didn't have time to be sick. Well, what I didn't have time for was sitting around the bloody office for almost 3 hours. Dude sent me to the downstairs lab for an x-ray of my sinuses. WTF? Guess he wanted to see if my head really was empty or not. No infection (supposedly from what you can tell from a stupid x-ray--but I do feel better--nothing like a good old decongestant, but I digress), but he comes in the room and says "You have hypoplastic frontal sinuses." Uh-huh. And to me that means...? I told him my watch was made of plastic, but I wasn't so sure about my sinuses. He snickered. He then went on to describe how my frontal sinuses are smaller than normal and can lead to chronic infection, blah, blah, blah, rubarb. Whatever. It was my maxillaries that were sore--not my frontals. Screw that hypothesis Dr. Man!

Blood Pressure + Coffee = Bad Combination

So while I was there, Dr. Man said he wanted to put me on blood pressure medication. I said no. Just like that, too. "No." I'm turning into my mother. I hate medication, and if there is another way to remedy the situation, I'd like to try that first. Anywho, I told him that I'd use ma madre's cool little contraption to measure my blood pressure at home and prove to him it wasn't high. HAHAHAHA!!! What made me think that taking my blood pressure after a record setting night at the lab, a Starbucks venti drip, and two doughnuts would be a good idea? Oh ya, lack of sleep. Ya, it was 160/110. It's never been that high even at the ob/gyn (and every woman knows that's when your bp is at its highest). I'll try again later. Stupid body.

Randomness Abounds

Fava beans. Yes, I said fava beans. They are haunting me, taunting me, keeping watch over my shoulder. Really! They are in the calendar here in Mother's office. For some reason they are making me nervous. Maybe it's the big old coffee I just finished.

Thomas is turning into a serious lard-butt. How can you get a cat to diet when he has to eat "super special and expensive" food? You don't. I try to exercise him by teasing him with one of his toys. When he gets tired, he just lays on the floor and bats at it. What a goon.

If anyone out there has an extra car, let me know. The H-bomb is having some serious bad carma again. We gotta get her a cheap, let me rephrase, inexpensive yet reliable new ride.

Why is it that I really crave meat on Fridays in Lent? Is God punishing me for being an omnivore? Guess I'll go eat some salad.

Have a great Friday!

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Anonymous said...

I think you should just eat meat anyways! Mmmm..COW! MMM.. sausage biscuit-which I tried a while back from whataburger and was readily impressed.