Friday, March 30, 2007

on my night off...

So I finally get a night off from work and what do I do? I spend an hour and 15 minutes driving to a Requiem rehearsal for a choir other than my own. A friend who directs at a church waaaaaay far north asked if I could help them out. Of course it was such a boost to my ego I had to say yes. It always feels good to be honored and flattered! It was kinda fun. The first part of the rehearsal was all of their Holy Week and Easter stuff. I used that time to practice my sightsinging. Dang! I'm better than I thought. Either that or the music was really easy. Afterward, a small group of us (the people I actually knew from up there in the Wild North) went to dinner. It was super yummy! I had a shrimp and fettuccine dish with a white wine sauce (no cream!) and a small ceasar salad. That filled me up quite sufficiently, but since it was my night off, I knew I'd be up for quite a while. I got a piece of lemon chess pie to take home. Normally, I would make yummy comments, but there was something really wrong with this pie. It tasted like it had been cooked with bacon. Yes, bacon. Now I'm all for a good slab of applewood smoked uncured bacon every once in a while, but I'm not too fond of it with my pie. (an aside: if you like bacon, go to for fun) I can't wait for the place to open so I can call and complain. It was seriously icky!

But before I could eat said crappy-ass pie, I had to drive home. You hear about the weather that's been hounding the midsection of the country this week? Well, last night it hit home. It wasn't bad except for the bloody wind. I kept thinking I was hydroplaning, but my tires are brand new. I figured it was the wind when the road shifted direction. I was supposed to stop by my mother's for a dermatological consultation, but I just wanted to go home after spending so much time being jittery and on edge as my car got blown all over the wet roads (along with the other cars getting blown around). Yes, I was too freaky to drive the extra 1.5 miles. Much better today though. Now I just have to deal with it again tonight on my drive to work. Yay.

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Heather said...

bacon flavored pie....GROSS!!