Monday, March 12, 2007

catch up time

Okay, this has the potential to be long, but I'll try not to be long winded (long-fingered if typing?). It's catch up on the naughty mouse time!!! I have no idea where I left off in the life (guess I should've looked at my own blog first) so things may be repeated and/or out of chronological order.

1) I was wrong. True love is NOT the Krispy Kreme whole wheat doughnut. True love (or "t'wooo wahve" for Princess Bride fans) is an iPod. I no longer have to listen to the "pingy pingy" music while at work. YIPEE!!! My mother is the greatest mother ever! Or she just felt sorry for me and was tired of my constant bitching about Gujarati-ville where I work. Not that there's anything wrong with that....

2) If you want an update on my working situation, just know that I accumulated 33 hours of overtime last pay period. Ergo, little time to blog.

3) The "Latino Laundromat" saga continues. I remembered today why I only go to the laundromat by my house once a year or so. It's because it's a farking freak show filled with unruly children and incessant funny looks from other customers (hey, what's that white girl doing here?). I mean, really. How hard is it to keep your child from running at full speed through the business screaming its head off? How am I supposed to read and comprehend with that going on? Ya, I'm not. Then once the kids settled down (prolly got beaten with an empty Ariel jug), the teenagers came in. Since when did a laundry place become a teen hangout? With my stuff in the last few minutes of its drying cycle, some kids started with the "You wanna fight? You wanna fight me, punk?" Arrgh! Then there was the couple of guys just standing by the door chatting. One said to the other "when you gonna swing by my crib, homie?" OMG! Do people really speak like that??? When it ran out of time in the dryer, my stuff was not completely dry. What did I do, you ask? Loaded it back into the laundry basket and brought it here, to my mother's house. I still saved a ton of time on the process, but I had to get outta that place before my IQ fell another 10 points. No more lavanderia for me until I happily forget this incident.

4) Because of work being so crazy and the time change this past weekend (March Forward!), I found the best way to not sleep too long and miss a service or just be late to choir. How? I call it staying awake. Haha! Yes, in the last few nights at work, we've set new records for samples received in the O&P department (aka: my dept). Friday night, I woke up at 9:30pm to go to work. Saturday I got home and was able to sleep for 3.5 hours before I had to go back to work. Since there was the time change and I had to be at church by 8:30am Sunday morning, I just stayed awake. I didn't even leave work until 6:30am, so I had just enough time to drive home, get showered, go to *bucks for mega caffeine injection, and make it to church on time. Because of that, people in the choir got to see what I was like sleep deprived and hyped up on caffeine. If I do say so myself, it was rather hilarious. I'll take comments on this one!

5) Just in from the weird dreams department: the strangeness continues. So recently I've been back in contact with someone I worked with many moons ago. Happiness!!! Anywho, I don't know if it is the recent reforged contact or just random memory time, but I had a super scary dream about someone else I used to work with. See, we worked in a research lab and the main dude in our room (mind you, not the smartest or the best, just the most senior) was a guy named Yuri. Tall, broad Russian who sounded like the count from Sesame Street when he spoke (one chocolate chip cookie, two chocolate chip cookie--haw...haw...haw). Well, I had this dream that he was trying to kill me. It was uber realistic. In the beginning, he was just beating the snot outta me, but then he was following me everywhere and trying to find where I was hiding so he could off me. WTF? The next day, strange scary dreams continued. Once I woke myself up screaming because I thought someone was coming after me to kill me (see a theme here?). After I calmed down and got back to sleep, I woke myself up yelling "get out" because I thought there was someone in my house.

I'm happy to report that since then, the sleep deprivation has proved well enough for me to sleep dream free. Just give it time.... I'm sure the crumbling teeth will make an encore appearance.

6) Did I forget anything? Probably, but I'm ready for a nap, and the dryer just dinged. Yay! Clean clothes in a place where if a sock falls on the floor, I'm not gonna want to burn it.


Anonymous said...

Megan says-
Dood. I have a washer and dryer. You can come use them ANY time over the latino-mat. I would rather have clean live friends than dirty dead ones.

Heather said...

I second what Megan says!!! more crack for you..bad dreams man...BAD! That's scary woman! Schnikes.

Ok, well I've got to go to the hospital now to meet a patient who probably didn't get on the van when I booked her a ride anyway. meh, I'm apathetic today.

Elle said...

(1) Yes, you were hilarious at church.

(2) Yuri was trying to kill you? Gee, that's not the sort of thing I remember you talking about back then....

(3) Can't wait to see what kind of shape you're in tomorrow and Sunday.

A Naughty Mouse said...

Just in case someone misreads one of the above comments, no, I'm not really on crack. I just don't recommend cheese or spicy foods before bed.