Thursday, February 22, 2007


Okay, that's my title of the day. It represents the fact that while I am well on the road to recovery, I'm SICK TO DEATH of sneezing out chunks of yellow goo! Now that that's been said....

I finally go back to work tonight. I'm a little afraid--after being ill and sleeping about 19/7 (instead of 24/7), being around the sun, and not forcing myself to stay up late at night, my body has re-regulated itself to being awake during the day. Stupid sun and and natural biological and diurnal forces! Gah! That and yesterday was taxing. After a fantabulous lunch with Mother and a long afternoon siesta, I officially got up at 3:45pm. I had a hair appointment (yay short hair!!!) and then Ash Wednesday service and choir rehearsal. I was home by 9:45pm. That's a whopping 6 hours I was out and about. I was absolutely wasted. I tried to stay up late, but could only manage as late as 11pm. I said good night to Gene Rayburn and the Match Game 74 cast before the end of their show and was zonked until 8:30 this morning. So ya, tonight's gonna be interesting.

Funny thing about singing when you are tired beyond belief: sometimes you sound pretty damn good. We were rehearsing this Brahms piece (super schlocky but beautiful), and I was rocking out. Where in the world did that good, deep, German vibrato come from? Not "woblatto" people--the pitch was still there. I call it "lack of stress on the chords." It's happened before when singing for people who don't intimidate me or when I'm so comfortable with a piece I'm the opposite of worried/stressed. (Don't ask me to come up with anymore $5 words for this blog. I've been sick) Wonder if I can sound like that again Sunday morning. I'm gonna go with no. Especially since in a later piece the conductor told us (read: me) to drop the vibrato for a good renaissance sound. It was actually hard to do! Go fig.

Ya, I could babble for hours, but I've got things to do. Have a good day, homeeez!

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Heather said...

Glad you are feeling better!! Though usually when someone refers to themselves as "wasted" I generally think of them being drunk.