Saturday, February 24, 2007

slooooooooooow night

Sittin' at work. Maverick game on the tv. Bored. When will the fun start?

The past 2 nights at work have been rather insane. Not only are we short a couple of people, one girl is on vacation, and one guy is out due to some family thing. That's 4 people short. Ergo, the last 2 nights, my first 2 back from illness, I've done the job of 2.5 people. Three benches. Thursday night I worked from 10pm until 9am, and last night I worked from 11pm until 10am today. I got to go home for a whopping 6.5 hours before I had to leave and come back to work. Needless to say, I was a little later than I intended. Luckily, I only have to manage 1.5 benches tonight. JOY!!! So far though, all the shipments are running late. So I thought I'd catch up on some blogging.

Oh my holy Lord! You will never believe what I saw yesterday morning on the way home from work. You know how you always see beaters broken down on the side of the highway? Well, yesterday, you will never believe what I saw sitting on the side of the road. Oh, what's that you say? A Lamborghini? You saw it, too? C'mon people! You think someone with that kind of money can afford to have a car in working order. I mean, it only cost (approximately) $180K.

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Heather said...

HA!! Stupid fancy man and his mid life crisis car!! Serves him right!