Tuesday, February 20, 2007

strep be damned!

Actually, I am thrilled that this current defiling of my pharynx is not strep. Unfortuantely, that means I just have to wait it out patiently. Bah! What about me is patient??? I've been working on that one for years.

One good thing about being ill, I got to stay in bed and watch Heroes last night. *sings a little heavenly tune* I knew Simone was gonna be the one offed. She was like the only non-evil female character (other than the cheerleader who doesn't really count because she's still in highschool--ergo, she hasn't developed her evilness to its fruition yet). Good show good show. It's like legal crack. If you talk about it in public, no one is gonna be looking at you sideways saying "oh my gracious, that poor girl is watching Heroes--we've got to get her to church before Satan fully takes over her life!"

Another thing about being sick yesterday of all days: President's Day and TNT. That means Law and Order marathon baby!!! AND there was a King of the Hill marathon on FX. Yes, I did sleep a lot yesterday, but I never had trouble finding something to entertain my sick head when I was awake. Okay, that sounds bad. Sick head as in I was sick, not like I'm sick in the head or a sicky.

Ya, I think I'm still not officially well. Must get more sleep....


Anonymous said...

Megan says-
AH! You noticed the trend of evil females too! I wonder what they're gonna do with that..

Anonymous said...

English says -
I am so proud to have enabled your Heroes addiction. I had not even noticed the evil female theme. However, Eden was good (but dead) and I'm not sure if the "e-mail" skill girl is evil or not. I'm glad Simone is gone. She was f-ing annoying. She treated her men very badly and was a big whiner. Good riddance.

Heather said...

Hmm...I'm sad to say that I am severely out of the loop on this heroes biznasty....perhaps I should look into this as there is NEVER anything on TV on Mondays.
Glad you are on the road to recovery.