Tuesday, November 03, 2009

poopy head!

You know you are in trouble when one of the people at work says "Every time I hear your name, people are talking about doo doo." Wow. Really? I hope this is a good thing. If you know me well, you understand.

Another thing happened at work today. I found out that I'm not getting my tuition reimbursement. I'm a little peeved about it. I'm going to ask tomorrow if I can appeal the decision. Supposedly a class in immunology doesn't help me in my job deciding whether or not animals are sick. Go figure. I think I rolled my eyes so hard at that one that my boss heard it from the other room. What's really funny about that is that not one hour later, one of my coworkers started asking me about plasma cells, B cells, and T cells. Nooooooooo, immunology has nothing to do with my job. {rolling eyes yet again}

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