Monday, November 09, 2009

anyone hiring?

Last week at work we had a meeting over lunch. The boss told us not to expect to get 40 hours a week. The workload has been shrinking of late (I thought the recession was over), and we don't have enough work for all the people we have. He said that full time employment was considered 30 plus hours a week. If we finish our work early, we have to clock out and leave--not futz around on the internet to make up time. Okay, I'm not one of the people who does that, but there are plenty who do/did. I always tried to find something to do. No worries; I've got the part time job at the vet clinic. Right? Wrong. Today I got the call from them thanking me profusely for helping them out when they needed help, but they don't need me anymore. I don't know if I ever mentioned before that the singing gig at the church was nixed as well months ago due to budget cuts. Luckily there is a manager at a store I love that has been trying to get me to apply part time. I have the application here next to me on my desk ready to fill out. Cross your fingers for me!

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