Friday, October 30, 2009

my cat, the fruit loop

Oh, sweet Ernest. What a character you are!

Actually, my cat is nuts. An absolute nut job. A fruit loop. One of his favorite things to do is play with water. Sometimes he'll jump in the shower with me. Sometimes he just attacks the shower curtain from the other side while I'm showering. Ya, that's a lot of fun when you aren't expecting it. He also loves sitting in front of his water dish and slapping his paw on the surface of the water thus splashing water all over the kitchen floor. Even better than that you ask? Yes, he likes to sit on the edge of the toilet and splash toilet water all over the toilet seat and nearby floor. I've started keeping a towel right next to the toilet so I can wipe the seat off. {shaking head} Outside of playing with water, he loooooves to roll on the ground right outside of his litter box where he has tracked or kicked litter out of it. What a goombah! I'm hoping he grows out of this messy phase. The sooner the better.

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