Sunday, November 08, 2009

happy Sunday night

Well, the Cowboys somehow managed to win the game against the Eagles. How in the world did that actually happen??? Granted, I don't really care. I'm a little miffed that the Packers somehow managed to get the wind taken outta their sails in the 4th quarter against Tampa Bay. I mean really, we're talking about Tampa Bay here.

Today is my father's 69th birthday. This means I had to go over and cook him dinner--a yearly family tradition. Every year I cook the same old (granted wonderful) thing, so this year I decided to mix it up a bit. I kept asking him what he wanted, but he hemmed and hawed and usually ended up saying something to the effect of "whatever you want to fix is fine." That gives a daughter no guidance whatsoever. I socked it to him and made something new that I'd never done before: lemon risotto with grilled shrimp and asparagus. Oh. Damn. That was a good choice on my part. Of course being risotto I was in the kitchen for damn near ever, but it was worth it. More importantly, I now know how to make risotto. For instance, when the recipe says "1 cup stock," it really means "you better have twice as much ready because that rice is gonna suck it all up and still be crunchy." It was worth it though. The recipe is in the Nordstrom Flavors cookbook. The whole book sounds good, too, by the way! It was a hit. The family raved, and my ego was stoked. Good times were had by all!

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